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How well do you know Kate, Will, and George?

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What day was Prince George born?Day Month Year
What is Prince William's full name?
What part of the UK is William the Duke of?
Does Kate's actual name start with a 'K' or 'C'?
What is Kate's birthday?Day Month Year
What is the full name of Prince George's nanny?
Name Will and Kate's favorite pub.
Where did Kate grow up?Starts with a C
What month was William and Kate's engagement announced?Month Year
Where did William go after he passed his RAF helicopter search and rescue course?
What three countries did William spend his gap year?
What room of Buckingham Palace was William baptized?
What hospital was Kate born in?
How many weeks was William's officer training?
What year did William and Kate start dating?
What year was William qualified to be a pilot?
What university did William and Kate meet at?
Where did William propose to Kate?
What month/year did he propose?
When was William's first public appearance?Month Year
When was Kate's first official portrait was unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery?Month Year
What year was the Duke and Duchess trip to Singapore?
What was the name of William's preschool?
What day was Kate's first solo event?Day Month Year
What is Prince George's full name?
How old was William when Princess Diana died?
How much did Prince George weigh?__ Pounds __Ounces
How many godparents does Prince George have?
What is the name of William's degree from university?
How old will Prince George be in the year 2056?Takes some math (:

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