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The reboot of Upsy?
Magnus collects what?
The gang is also known as?
The only resident of Rockport is who?
Who is Barbara's favorite hammerhead?
Taako makes what for Candlemass?
The name of the third grand relic?
Who is the hangar manager?
Gundrun Rockseeker's dog looks like what?
The fifth grand relic?
Taako's assisstant who betrayed him?
The name of the fourth grand relic?
What is Captain Bain's first name
What undercover name does Taako go under?
The name of Merle's warhammer?
Merle's original Patron God?
Madam Director's first name
The name of Magnus's pet goldfish?
What size is N0.3LL3?
Merle talks like?
The name of Hodge Podge's theme song
As a cleric of nature, what is Merle's speciality?
How do the heroes meet?
Why did Boyland Die?
What will Boyland never become?
Taako is an acolyte of which God?
What is Merle's favourite basketball number?
What flavour of pringles did Angus give to our heroes?
What disney movie made Magnus cry the most?
The Rockport Limited was on route to where?
The inventor of math in Faerun?
What is Hurley's Battlewagon alias?
Aime's Favorite adventurer?
What band does Magnus have a poster of?
What is Upsy?
Hodge Podge was Lucas's what?
Gundrun destroys which town?
The boss of the hammerheade gang?
Barry Bluejeans resembles which actor?
Angus thinks what phrase is reductive?
Who do we work for?
What does everything Taako drinks turn into?
Angus is looking to return what set to his dying Grandfather?
Merle is a relative of which Dwarven clan?
Magnus is called the Hammer despite wielding what?
Garfield originally appeared in which MBMBAM episode?
Who is Merle's favorite singer?
The name of the first Grand Relic?
One of Taako's starting spell slots
What hit Tv show is Merle a fan of?
The only survivor of the mine explosion?
The name of the dead engineer on the Rockport Limited?
Golden age Magnus sounds like?
The name of the orc that shot Gundrun Rockseeker?
Taako's mask is?
The first category Taako selects foro Hodge Podge's challenge?
What wolf did the gang throw in the fire?
How many diamonds did Ash spend to attend Taako's seminar?
What is Magnus allergic too?
The name of the first cave the boys go into?
Who is Kravitz?
What's the largest Prime Number?
Where do the boys divert the runaway train?
Who won the gruff off?
Taako is allergic to what?
What is Garyl?
What wood is the director's staff made of?
Trent the Treant is what?
How many party points does Merle have?
Paloma has an accent like who?
The Raven's real name?
The name of the second grand relic?
Taako's Grandfather
What kind of magics does Magic Brian?
How old is Graham, the Juicy Wizard?
How many homemade Big Dog T-shirts does Magnus own?
Graham's real name is what?
Magnus Burnside's name is what in nature?
Magnus is chuggin for what?
What was Robbie arrested for?
What creature does Johann play music for?
Who is Carey Fangbattle's brother?
What is the name of Taako's cooking show?
What D&D edition is Travis familiar with?
What kind of elf is Magic Bryan?
Garyl first appears in?
The name of the Prize fighter on the Rockport Limited?
Robbie makes what kind of potions?
What is Roswell's pronouns?
The name of the business Goblin
Where is Taako originally from?
Jenkin's final words
What is the name of Taako's spell tome?
Who gave Magnus his magic butter knife?
The name of Magnus's wife?
The main villains
Garfield the Deal's Warlock works for what company?
Magnus is from what town?
When asked if he can jump, Merle rolls a what?

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