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Can you name the Alcohol Reactions?

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Reagent for oxidising a primary alcohol
How do you make an aldehyde from a primary alcohol? (conditions and reagent)
What is produced if you oxidise an aldehyde?
How do you oxidise a tertiary alcohol?
Catalyst for the dehydration of an alcohol? (name not formula)
Conditions to dehydrate an alcohol? (not catalyst)
Product of dehydrating ethanol? (name)
What type of reaction is a dehydration?
What type for reaction occurs between an alcohol and HCl or HBr?
Which functional group does the halogen replace?
What do you react to produce an ester?
What type of reaction is the above?
What is the catalyst and conditions for producing an ester?
What are two other homologous series can produce an ester with an alcohol?

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