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Can you name the Characters from the Scream series?

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Gutted in chairScream
Gutted and hungScream
Stabbed and hungScream
Smashed in garage doorScream
Throat slitScream
TV dropped on headScream
Stabbed in earScream 2
Stabbed repeatedlyScream 2
Stabbed and thrown from balconyScream 2
Stabbed multiple timesScream - Scream 2
Throat slitScream 2
Impaled by pipeScream 2
StabbedScream 2
Shot in chestScream 2
Shot multiple timesScream 2
Shot, twiceScream 2
Live, Sorority SisterScream 2
Live, Other Sorority SisterScream 2
Stabbed in backScream 3
Stabbed Scream - Scream 3
Thrown through glass door, stabbedScream 3
Stabbed in backScream 3
Blown upScream 3
StabbedScream 3
Stabbed, thrown through windowScream 3
Stabbed, fell through mirrorScream 3
Throat slitScream 3
Shot in headScream 3
Lives, CopScream 3
Stabbed in chestStab 6
Throat slitStab 6
Stabbed in stomach, twiceStab 7
Lives, KillerStab 7
Off-screen, thrown through window Scream 4
Back crushed by garage, stabbedScream 4
Gutted, thrown through windowScream 4
Stabbed, thrown off parking garageScream 4
Stabbed in backScream 4
Stabbed in faceScream 4
Stabbed through mail slotScream 4
Stabbed repeatedly Scream 4
Stabbed twice in abdomenScream 4
Shot in balls and headScream 4
Stabbed in heartScream 4
Electrocuted, Shot in the heartScream 4
Lives, CopScream 4
Lives, Cop/SherrifScream - Scream 4
Lives, Reporter/WriterScream - Scream 4
Lives, Ultimate Heroine Scream - Scream 4

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