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What generation is Sayumi from?
When was Sayumi born?
What prefecture is Sayumi from?
Which city is Sayumi's hometown?
What company does Sayumi's father work for?
How many Morning Musume singles was Sayumi in?
How old was Sayumi when she joined the group?
What audition did Sayumi win to join Morning Musume?
Sayumi was named after who?
What was Sayumi's debut single?
Which fourth generation member did Sayumi admire prior to joining Morning Musume?
Which fifth generation member did Sayumi admire prior to joining Morning Musume?
Who is Sayumi's best friend?
In 2003, who did Sayumi move to Tokyo with?
Which Morning Musume subgroup was Sayumi placed in?
What was Sayumi's first member color?
What was Sayumi's second member color?
What was the name of Sayumi's radio show she hosted from 2006-2014?
Sayumi is Morning Musume's self-proclaimed ____ member.
What was Sayumi's first single as leader?
What nickname does Sayumi dislike?
What is Sayumi's blood type?
How many solo DVDs is Sayu featured in?
How many solo photobooks is Sayu featured in?
Who is Sayumi's favorite Hello!Project KSS?
What is the fan-generated nickname for her older sister?
What is the fan-generated nickname for her older brother?
What does fellow Morning Musume member Sato Masaki call Sayumi?
Who did Sayumi famously kiss during her graduation concert?
What part of her body did Sayumi injure during her graduation concert?
What animal does Sayumi like despite being allergic to?
What is rumored to be the real first name of Sayumi's sister?
What subunit was Sayumi a part of with Ishikawa Rika?
Which Morning Musume member was Sayumi the official mentor for?
How many years was Sayumi in Morning Musume?
What is Sayumi's trademark phrase?
In what year did Sayumi graduate from Morning Musume?
How tall is Sayumi (in cm)?
What is Sayumi's shoe size (in cm)?
What era was Sayumi the last remaining Morning Musume member from?
What duet does Sayumi sing with fellow Morning Musume member Fukumura Mizuki?
Which cousin of Sayumi's is also an idol?
What famous Buddhist priest is Sayumi's ancestor?
What is Sayumi's favorite sport?
What are Sayumi's favorite flowers?
What is Sayumi's favorite color?
Which member did Sayumi become very close to after Eri graduated?
Which current Morning Musume member has Sayumi kept in closest contact with since her graduation?
Sayumi was leader of Morning Musume during the ___ Era.
What song introduced Sayumi to Morning Musume?

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