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Can you name the major East Coast cities that were targeted to be hit by the hijacked Russian ICBMs in Call of Duty 4?

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CluesCitiesCurrent Population-City Proper/Metro
Site of the first subway system in the USA. (1897)
The second city in the country to surpass the 100,000 population mark. (1840)
The Lone Wanderer was here... This city was designed to be an 'American Paris'.
Once the second largest city in the British Empire. I'm mostly sure your cream cheese doesn't actually come from here.
Site of the largest Naval base in the country, and the world.
The second and longest lived of the Capitals of the CSA.
Of this city, Mark Twain wrote in 1868 'Of all the beautiful towns it has been my fortune to see this is the chief.' Today you might know it as the 'Insurance Capital of the World'
This city has 10% of the world's official gold reserves 80' beneath it's streets, more than Fort Knox.

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