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Can you name the Kingdoms and Nations of Final Fantasy ?

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Final Fantasy I
The Princess is kidnapped 
The Prince is asleep 
You need Dr. Unne's help to speak here 
Final Fantasy II
The Homeland 
The last of Dragoons 
Home of the Sunfire 
The Invading nation 
Final Fantasy III
Where you meet Ingus 
The people are in another castle 
A nation in civil war 
Final Fantasy IV
Airforce-Red Wings 
You spoony bard! 
Yang's home 
The first nation to lose it's Crystal 
A nation ruled by women 
The ninja nation 
Final Fantasy V
Princess Reina and Princess Sarisa 
Sounds like a dance 
Home port of the Fire Ship 
A castle protected by a barrier and a... big bridge 
Princess Krile 
Home nation of Zeza's Fleet 
Final Fantasy VI
Ruled by King Edgar Roni... 
Poisoned water supply 
In Star Wars it was Galactic 
Final Fantasy VII
Shinra Headquarters 
Analogous to real world Japan 
Final Fantasy VIII
The first Garden 
Your final test to become a SeeD 
Forest Owls 
Laguna was one of their 'great' soldiers 
Selphie's home 
Only ruins 
Final Fantasy IX
Princess Garnet til Alexandros XVII 
Home of Tantalus 
Always raining 
Where the Rats flee 
Final Fantasy X
Holy City of Yevon 
Home of the Abes 
Final Fantasy XI
Home of Shantotto and the Tarutarus 
Nation built by the Humes 
Where the Elvaan live 
Built upon Heavens Bridge 
Final Fantasy XII
Princess Ashelia B'nargin... 
Necrohol of... 
Leads The Resistance 
Al Cid Margrace 
Ruled by House Solidor 
City ruled by pirates 

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