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Can you name the Simpsons Characters Who Have Appeared in More Than One Episode?

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Japanese Waiter
Lives in Retirement Castle
Three-Eyed Fish
Grandmother of the Family
News Anchor
Mexican TV Star
Owner of the Power Plant
Works at the Powerplant
Owns Many Cats
Public Schools Boss
Owns Androids Dungeon
Stuck in the 70's
Bully at Springfield Elementary
Works in Springfield Elementary Cafeteria
Duff Beer Spokesman
Member of Police Force
Mob Boss
Simpson's Religious Neighbour
Simpson's Religious Neighbour
Simpson's Religious Neighbour
Simpson's Religious Neighbour
One-Eyebrowed Baby
Drunk, Spends Most of His Time in the Tavern
Unsuccessful Salesman
Owner of Military Antiques Shop
Medical Doctor
Teacher at Sprigfield Elementary
Springfield Attorney
Cartoon Cat and Mouse
Bully at Springfield Elementary
Halloween Aliens
Bully at Springfield Elementary
Teacher at Sprigfield Elementary
TV Show Clown
Real Estate Agent
Springfield Elementary School's Music Teacher
Works at the Powerplant
Member of the Police Force
Religious Woman
Minister of the Church of Springfield.
Italian Restaurant Owner
Bus Driver
Sea Captain
Unfortunate Man
Main Bully at Springfield Elementary
Blues Musician
Owner of the Kwik-E-Mart
Gave Birth to Octuplets
Works Part Time at the Kwik-E-Mart
Helicopter Reporter
Long Lost Half Brother
Extremely Clever Child
Mayor of Springfield
Comic Book Superhero
Hi Everybody!
The Simpson's Pet Dog
Identical Twins
Criminal Mastermind
Clown Sidekick
Elderly Simpson
Old Woman Who Complains a Lot
Principal of Springfield Elementary School
Personal Assistant
The Simpson's Pet Cat
Springfield Judge
Founder of Springfield
Yokel Wife
Works in the Service Industry
Owner of Local Tavern
TV Monkey
Foreign-Exchange Student
Works in the Cracker Factory
Local Houswife
Blue Haired, Often Targeted by Bullies
Chief of Police
Dim-Witted Student at Springfield Elementary
Wife of Police Chief
Janitor of Springfield Elementary School
Movie Star

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