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The name of Gaga's make up artist
The name of Gaga's dog (2012 onwards)
The name of Gaga's sister
The name of Gaga's Mom/ Mum
The name of Gaga's male alter ego
Gaga's favourite all time colour
What does Gaga want to be in her next life?
Whats Gaga's favourite drink?
What do monsters call Gaga when she's high?
How many tattoos does she have?
What did Gaga go as for Halloween in 2012?
How tall is Gaga?
What city name does Gaga have tattooed on her neck?
What city name does Gaga have tattooed on her shoulder?
What musical instrument did Gaga learn to play for the BTWB?
Question / StatementAnswer
Where is Gaga's ARTPOP tattoo?
What is the backing music for 'the Fame' fragrance advert?
What was the opening song for the monster ball?
Which artist drew one of Gaga's profile pictures for her twitter account?
Which song did Gaga sing for the 2011 EMA'S?
Which chef did Gaga collaborate with for her thanksgiving special?
What colour does Gaga call her brunette wigs?
What does Gaga buy at the beginning of the monster ball film?
What is the name of Gaga's mermaid alter ego?
What colour hair does Gaga have in the prelude of Marry the Night?
What song is played in the outside jail section of the 'telephone' video?
What colour hair is mentioned in 'So Happy I Could Die'?
What song did Gaga play for Queen Elizabeth?
What did Gaga arrive in to the 2011 Grammys?
Who did Gaga give a goat called Kevin to?

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