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Can you complete these lyrics from the musical Bat Boy?

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Forced Order
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Heed the tale of a filthy freakHold Me, Bat Boy
Kiss me in case we don't meet againDance With Me, Darling
Still kind of sad that my dad lost what marbles he hadThree Bedroom House
I'll repay all you gave, I will give you what you craveInside Your Heart
But if I fill it she'll ask me whyComfort and Joy
In a cave many miles to the southHold Me, Bat Boy
We had a chance at happiness, blissfully unawareApology to a Cow
She will see what you areComfort and Joy
I'd send the FBI a pageChristian Charity
Home is a word that you should have learnedHome for You
Love your neighbor, forgive, keep your vowsHold Me, Bat Boy (Reprise)
You don't look so tough by the light of dayWatcha Wanna Do?
I will move a mountain, your wish is my commandJoyful Noise
Don't cry, it's okay, dearShow You a Thing or Two
So we'll get a post office boxThree Bedroom House
Children, children, don't be scaredChildren, Children
Sweet Jesus, now I'm petrifiedAnother Dead Cow

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