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Another word for 'vibration' O_________
A wave that moves through a medium (or vacuum) is a P______ wave
Value whose character is lambda W______
A is the A________ of a wave
1/frequency is the T_____ P______
Electromagnetic waves are a type of T__________ wave
Sound waves are a type of L___________ waves
Intensity x Cross-sectional area =
Intensity is proportional to Amplitude S________
Write down the speed of light in a vacuum (in form aEt)
What wavelength do radio waves have? 10E? (in metres)
What is the electromagnetic wave with the smallest wavelength?
What colour of visible light has the highest frequency?
How many types of UV light are there?
Waves adding when intersecting S__________
Plane Polarisation can only happen to which type of wave?
Name one OBVIOUS use of polarisation filtering
Io cos^2(theta) is whose law? M____
What type of interference maximises amplitude?
What path difference must there be for this? (in terms of (n) lambda)
What effect is caused by a grating, making minima and maxima? D________
Whose 'double slit' formula is lambda = ax/D? Y______
Splitting white light into a spectrum is known as D___________
A wave that does not travel is a S________ wave
Point at which amplitude is minimum in this type of wave
What fraction of a wavelength apart are these found?
A string with 2 fixed ends and a length half of the wavelength is called the F________
speed of any wave = (v =...
What effect caused the wave model of physics to be disproved?
The speed of sound in air in m/s is (to 2sf)

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