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Can you name the Zelda games by the elements that they have in common with a chosen game in the series?

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The game begins with Link being awakened by a message from Zelda, asking him to come to her. She is later kidnapped, and then imprisoned in a crystal.
Link lives in a land above old Hyrule which was separated by the goddesses to protect them from an ancient evil. Link set out on his quest when someone dear to him was kidnapped.
Link must defeat three dungeons to get what he needs to power up his sword to be able to defeat the main villain. He is guided by an elderly person who is more than they seem.
Link must follow the main villain, who travels many years back in time. He defeats the villain before they can sacrifice Zelda in a ritual to revive their master.
Link must seek out three powerful entities, each of a different element, and prove himself to them before being able to face the main villain. He visits a structure in the sky.
In order to defeat the game's main villain, Link must collect the pieces of the triforce.
This game's main villain sports a glowing scar from a punishment given long ago. After the final battle, Link must bid goodbye to a friend as the gateway to her world is destroyed.
As the game begins, Link's training comes to an end and he is appointed to an important position. He then must try to prevent the return of a demon sealed away long ago.
Link must use a magical song to access the place where a magical sky whale is not conscious, and must then awaken him.
Link's help is requested when the seal impirisoning an ancient evil begins to weaken. He is followed in his journey by a shadowy man, who he battles multiple times.
The game opens with Link having a nightmare about the game's villain. Later, after completing three dungeons, Zelda escapes from the villain with Link's and Impa's help.
Link visits a lava-filled land beneath the one he inhabits where he can dig up chunks of ore and makes first contact with an underground race.
The game begins with a celebration of a special anniversary, from which Zelda disappears. On his quest, Link gets a pair of gloves that let him dig like a mole.
While on a quest to awaken Zelda by obtaining the Triforce, hidden in the final dungeon, Link is pursued by adversaries who want what he has in order to revive their master.
During his travels, Link encounters the crumbling remains of an apparently once-great civilization. Also, a big rock falls from the sky.
All of the above descriptions apply to this game as well.

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