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Hogan's Heroes actor Ivan _____
37th US President Richard _____
A fine strong silky fabric
A type of North American pine
Noir or Blanc variety of wine
Aircraft navigator
Greek name for the seaport Navarino
A doctor might prescribe these
Laws, before being passed
What Longfellow heard on Christmas day
Disney princess paired with the Beast
Comedian Milton _____
Swiss capital, in French
20,000 Leagues author Jules _____
A section of a song or poem
Curt or concise
Annoy or provoke
Given a new _____ on life
Dog walking necessity
Bloodsucking worm (alternate spelling)
Sandy ocean borders
Texas-based candy company _____'s
Something put on by an orthodontist
An object in string theory
Hogan's Heroes actor Bob _____
A grouchy person
Ratchet's partner
Superman's alter ego _____ Kent
Hogan's Heroes actor Robert _____
Cautious or timid
A Swiss variety of vegetable
Multiple notes played at once
Taking out the trash, e.g.
Made a decision
Not open
They attacked in Star Wars Episode II
Wrinkled old woman
A flunky
Wily, like a certain masked mammal
Describes a bad joke
Worker at a traveling circus
Gun control issue: Concealed _____
Hogan's Heroes actor _____ (Rung 54)
A large motor truck
Alfred Neuman: 'What, me _____?'
Rungs on this ladder
Golfer Tiger
Sheepish fabrics
April 1 is their day
Cries, like a wolf
Alexandre Dumas: '___ __ it that little children are so intelligent and men are so stupid?' (two words)
Hogan's Heroes actor (Rung 43) _____

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