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Can you name the 4-letter words in this Game & Watch themed word ladder?

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1. ____ (1980) or Cinderella's dance
2. A type of weevil
3. Darkened font face
4. ____ Cliff (1988) or Midas's metal
5. A prod or stick for driving cattle
6. Degree holder
7. [next rung] ____ (1984) or to seize suddenly
8. ____ [prev rung] or a crustacean served at Joe's shack
9. A type of bog-grown berry
10. A family group, especially in Scotland
11. Sticky mud
12. ____man (1980) or the Union Jack, for instance
13. Unwanted or excess fat
14. Idle chatter
15. Tropical African tree
16. ____ Sweeper (1987) or a box office flop
17. A fool or dunce
18. A blessing or benefit
19. Bird of the Canadian $1 coin
20. ____ (1981) or Dorothy's cowardly companion
21. Subatomic particle made of a quark and an antiquark
22. Substitute for a noun (abbrev.)
23. Another term for a ship's bow
24. Hair growing above the eye
25. Super Mario ____ (1986) or a NES game of the same title
26. Firmware controlling a computer's booting
27. Eighths of a byte
28. If the shoe ____...
29. Certain kinds of pine trees
30. ____ (1980) or one of the classical elements
31. Andy Griffith show deputy Barney ____
32. ____boat (1983) or a board game or cereal
33. Austrian physicist ____ Meitner
34. The magi of the nativity story are described as this kind of men
35. A genie might grant this
36. Tropical ____ (1985) or a card game when following 'Go'.
37. A hand, while punching
38. Dutch automaker
39. Not bumpy
40. Remove the skin from, as with rung 36
41. Mountain range in Kyrgyzstan
42. Mario's Bombs ____ (1983) or Star Wars galaxy's location: far far ____
43. What trees do in a gentle breeze
44. E.B. White's trumpeting bird
45. James Bond actor ____ Connery
46. A ditch or drainage channel
47. Used to steer a horse
48. ____ Shower (1983) or liquid precipitation
49. Abel's brother
50. What a beard hides
51. 6th century Chinese dynasty
52. ____ (1981) or a professional cook

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