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Fact PokemonExtra Info
The second Ice Type.
The rarest non-Legendary Ice Type.
The only Ice Type capable of Mega Evolving.
The only Ice Type designed by British hands.
The first Ice Type gym leader to break a previously recurring pattern.
The Pokemon that needs a certain move to level up, but doesn't actually learn the move through normal means.
The Pokemon with the most weaknesses.
Shortest Ice Type
The Pokemon who's Pokedex entries mention Pidgey.
The Ice Type move that burns.
Fact PokemonExtra Info
The only Ice Type in the Pokedex Group 'Head and Arms'
The amount of types Ice resists.
The Pokemon said to look like an aircraft carrier.
The ratio of male Ice Type specialists (Gym Leader or Elite 4) to female Ice Type Specialists.
The Pokemon with the longest cry.
The Gen that introduced the least new Ice Type moves.
The Ice Type with more resistances/immunities than weaknesses.
The most recent Pokemon with the most common Dual Type Ice has.
Merry Christmas!
The height (in metres) of the pre-evolution of the Pokemon that caused a racial controversy.

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