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FactPokemonMore Info
First pure Ghost type Pokemon.
The amount of Ghost Pokemon introduced in Gen 5.
Heaviest Ghost type.
Shortest Ghost type.
Ghost type Pokemon with the most forms.
The Ghost Type move protected by the Bulletproof ability
Hearthome Gym Leader's signature Pokemon
What move must Protean Greninja use to become Ghost type?
Non-Mega Ghost type with the highest Special Attack.
The Pokemon that is really 108 different entities.
A type Ghost has not yet been paired with.
Nicknamed the 'Signpost for Wandering Spirits'
The type that, prior to Gen 6, had no weaknesses.
The Pokemon that can weigh 9.5 kg and 39.5 kg.
What Ghost is completely immune to Tynamo?
Are there more male or female Ghost type specialists (Elite 4, Gym Leaders)?
What is the requirement for the move Hex to do extra damage?
How many Ghost types moves can miss in normal conditions?
Ghost can no longer be double resisted, but it could in Gen 5. Which Pokemon had this unique trait?
The Hidden Ability of the Ghost that evolves from something that shivers.

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