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Longest International Non-Stop Flight18 hours and 50 minutes (9,535 miles)
Longest NCAA D1 Winning Streak (Football)47 games
Longest Reigning British Monarch63 years 216 days
Longest Wait for Next World Series Win101 Years and counting
Longest SNL Tenure14 Years
Longest Underground Tunnel33.46 miles
Longest Unit of Measurement3.09 x10^25 meters
Longest Oil Pipeline2,500 Miles
Longest Running Broadway Show9100+ performances
Longest Half-Life1.3 x 10^20 years
Shortest All-Time NBA Player5 feet 3 inches
Shortest American War113 Days
Shortest Wavelength in Electromagnetic Spectrum10^-10meters
Shortest Book of the Bible1 Chapter 13 verses
Shortest US Presidency31 Days
Shortest Unit of TimeApproxiamately 5.39124(27) * 10^−44 seconds (WOW)
Shortest Average Male Height (Country)5 feet 3.1 inches
Shortest of the Seven Summits*16,024 ft/7,310ft
Shortest NASCAR Track 0.526 miles
Shortest Shakespearian Play1,787 lines

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