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The 2 themes of the anatomy unit.
Name the 2 lens of a compound microscope.
The 3 main jobs of the digestive system.
The anatomical hierarchy.
The major digestive organs.
The 5 enzymes.
The 3 laws of nature.
The ecological hierarchy.
Hutton and Lyell's theory of...
Biodiversity and biogeography.
Open architecture.
Reverse Engineering.
Made the PC possible.
Year Altair made.
Mac made.
Alto made.
Apple 2 made.
Acorn made.
Founders of Microsoft
Founders of Apple
Where was the Homebrew Computer Club.
The computer data code.
8 bits=
1024 gigabytes=
The 3 types of storage.
Transmits data to other parts of the computer.
ROM BIOS stand for=
NIC Card is also called=
The brain of computer.
Allow you to do many programs at once on computer and temporally stores data.
Main circuit board.
Permanently stores data.
The elements of art.
The Principals of Organization.
Unity-When Harmony and variety are in balance,,,
Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal are the...
The conceptual elements of design.
Position, space, direction, and gravity are the...
Parallel lines that recede in space=
Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.
Value, color, and textual details diminishing in space=
Who came up with the idea of evolution? Gates or Bruneleschi?
Who discovered linear perspective?
When you take an actual object and shorten it to show depth, it's called what?

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