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Can you answer the questions about (increasingly obscure) Groundhog Day: The Musical facts? (Note: This is actually really hard.)

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Let's start easy. What's the first song of act I?
And the first song of Act II?
At the end of Day Two, what does Rita add to her diary entry (that wasn't there in Day One)?
What is the full name of the town where Groundhog Day 'happens'?
And what does Rita shorten it to in her diary entries? (The state, too.)
What is reason #4 that Phil lists during Stuck?
Finish the line: 'I've stolen ____ bucks.'
Name two colours that Phil (Connors) is on the Groundhog Day cast album/ poster art?
What colour is Rita on the Groundhog Day cast album/ poster art?
What does Phil buy for Rita?
What part of perfectly roasted chicken does Rita love?
What is the full name of the character who sings Night Will Come?
What's the longest song?
Name one thing that Rita is afraid of.♫ (big hint!)
Name one way that Phil (The Groundhog) is described by the townspeople in Day One/ Two when he is taken out of his cage.
During 'If I Had My Time Again', what is Phil holding?
What is the name of the woman who works at the café?
And from what age has she worked there?
What is the last thing Phil does before the end of Act I?★ (♫ if you have good ears)
What kind of pastry does Rita like?
Rita studied French poetry from this century. (Watch out: It's different from the film!)
What are the first names of the guys at the bar that Phil befriends?
What are the first names of the couple sings 'Oh, if I could, I'd will these clouds away, my love'?
Name one of the reasons that Rita like Groundhog Day (the holiday) so much.
This line was changed to 'I was completely dead inside' in the production.★ + ♫
This line was changed to 'But today I'm like 85%' in the production.★ + ♫
What are the surnames of Rita and Nancy, respectively?
There was one actor/ actress of all the cast, who was in the London production, AND in the Broadway one. Who?
What is the name of the clumsy, gay guy who always bets against the eagles, and works at the café?
Finish the line that Phil's cameraman says to Rita after Phil dies: 'Poor guy. He didn't even like this holiday. Now ____'
What is Rita's response after Phil says 'I think you just wake up in your room, like nothing ever happened'?
What role does the person who plays Phil (the groundhog) also have?
How many Tony Awards did Groundhog Day win?
What does Phil's cameraman 'always do', according to Phil?
Finish the line the Phil's cameraman says after Phil dies: 'I mean, he could be nice. I saw him _____ once.'
What line (which was excluded from the cast recording) does Phil say during Day One, after talking to Chubby/Tubby/Jonathan just before he talks to Mrs Lancaster?
Name one of the two kinds of accessories that Rita wears.★ (if you're observant)
At which theatre was the London production?
What month did the show open on Broadway in 2017?
Where is the blizzard meant to land, according to Phil?
When is the next full moon, according to the almanak in Phil's room?
Who played Rita in the London production?
What is the surname of the homeless man?★ (if you're observant)
What is the alternative name for Day One/Two/Three? (Hint: They all had the same name, just followed by Day One (etc) in brackets.)
Name one of the songs from the Broadway production that renamed on or exluded from the cast album.
In the London 2016 production, what was February Second (= There Will Be Sun) called, or what was Everything About You called? (You only need to know one of them; this one's hard.)

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