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Im yellow & brown.
I live in small groups in parts of Africa where food is adequate, south of the Saharan Desert.  
I have spots and im really fast
Im fast,i live on the grasslands of eastern and southern Africa, and i have yellow fur with dark spots.  
Im orange and im the king
Im called the great big cat, and i lives in Africa, as well as other locations, and has short yellow, gold fur. 
I climb and eat bananas
Im brown , i love to climb, and im called the funniest animal. 
I live in the waters and leap on leap pads
I come in all colors, some of my family is pornist so dont come to close 
Girls love to ride me
Im brown , black, white,or blond, and i can be domesticated so that people can ride me. 
Im small, i come in all colors, and i use to be a caterpillar
I fly, people decribe me at beautifully grateful of hope and my four wings and the six legs are attached to the thorax  
I creek at night and im green
Im small, green, i creek at night, and im a insect 
Im big and gray.
Im large and gray , i stay in south africa, and im the biggest animal on land. 
Im big and fluffy.
Im black and white, im popular in China, and i love bambo 

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