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Link's little sister who awards Link his telescope on his birthday.Outset Island Room
Link's grandmother who gives Link his green clothes on his birthday.Outset Island Room
Wandering woman with a pot on her head who fines Link if he breaks her pot with an arrow.Outset Island Room
Old brainiac who lives upstairs and has a disproportionately large head.Outset Island Room
Old warrior who teaches Link the ways of the sword.Outset Island Room
Man who stalks wild pigs in the grass in his free time, which is to say, all day.Outset Island Room
A fat woman who desires pigs as pets for her children.Outset Island Room
Older son of the answer of the previous question.Outset Island Room
Snot-nosed younger son of the answer of the question two questions ago.Outset Island Room
Man who teaches Link how to cut grass.Outset Island Room
Fish god who gives Link Nayru's Pearl after a discussion with Link's boat in Ancient Hylian.Outset Island Room
Little (or very big) gassy animal with crazy attack power that comes in pink, spotted, and black varieties.Outset Island Room
One of many white birds that seem to be magnetically attracted to Link's sister.Outset Island Room
Little purple animal that burrows into the sand as Link approaches it.Outset Island Room
Rich girl turned peasant after her return from the Forsaken Fortress.Windfall Island Room
Rich man turned poor after he was forced to pay ransom to the pirates for the safe return of his daughter.Windfall Island Room
Poor girl turned rich after her return from the Forsaken Fortress.Windfall Island Room
Poor man turned rich after he discovered the worth of the Skull Necklace.Windfall Island Room
Creepy dancing John Travolta impersonator who teaches Link the Song of Passing.Windfall Island Room
Bomb-maker with funny hair and mood swings.Windfall Island Room
Chu Jelly expert potioneer with buck teeth.Windfall Island Room
Pictograph expert with pictographs of anything from Chu Jelly to the Ghost Ship.Windfall Island Room
Eskimo-esque salesman who catalyzes the trading sequence with the Goron travelling merchants and Joy Pedestals.Windfall Island Room
Schoolteacher fond of Joy Pendants with big, pink hair.Windfall Island Room
Child gang of four boys led by Ivan who enjoy hide-and-seek.Windfall Island Room
Little girls who hang out in the flowers and give Link information for a small bribe; also known as 'The Little Tipsters'.Windfall Island Room
Constantly walking man who is secretly in love with the woman in the orange dress.Windfall Island Room
Obscure character who hangs out on the second floor of the battleship-like game shop.Windfall Island Room
Lonely man who challenges Link to take a color photograph of the thing he truly loves (which is the moon).Windfall Island Room
Owner of Windfall Island's cafe; tells Link sternly to go home.Windfall Island Room
The object of the walking man's love and occasional auction-goer.Windfall Island Room
Man who sits on a bench overlooking the sea and occasionally attends auctions.Windfall Island Room
Balding, easily-frightened cafe-goer who attends auctions occasionally.Windfall Island Room
Short, black-haired man wearing red overalls who looks akin to Mario and is seen always walking toward the mailbox.Windfall Island Room
Pair of gossiping ladies on whose conversations Link can eavesdrop.Windfall Island Room
Occasional auction-attender who stands on a tiny back dock during the day next to some pots.Windfall Island Room
Vain woman who was once crowned 'Miss Windfall Island.'Windfall Island Room
Burly sailor who attends auctions and watches the stars at night.Windfall Island Room
Another burly sailor who stands at the docks.Windfall Island Room
Sailor wearing a red beret who owns the three pigs that run around Windfall Island.Windfall Island Room
Sailor who wears a topknot and can be seen in the cafe during the day.Windfall Island Room
Rito Sage of Earth and nursemaid to the Rito Prince.Dragon Roost Island Room
Rito Prince and keeper of Din's Pearl.Dragon Roost Island Room
Father of the Rito Prince.Dragon Roost Island Room
The first Rito Link meets who gives Link the Delivery Bag.Dragon Roost Island Room
A pair of identical Ritos who are the Chieftain's bodyguards.Dragon Roost Island Room
A pair of identical Ritos who make up the Island's Police Force.Dragon Roost Island Room
Rito with huge eyes who mysteriously disappears at some point during the game.Dragon Roost Island Room
A Rito who flies away when Link speaks to him, apparently to join the Bird-Man competition.Dragon Roost Island Room
False Rito who is actually Hylian who runs the Bird-Man competition.Dragon Roost Island Room
Younger brother of the answer to the previous question.Dragon Roost Island Room
Rito mail-sorter who offers Link a job sorting mail.Dragon Roost Island Room
Ever-busy Rito who never delivers mail but always looks through his notebook.Dragon Roost Island Room
Rito present at the Flight Control Platform.Dragon Roost Island Room
Another Rito at the Flight Control Platform.Dragon Roost Island Room
Man who appears at the entrance to Dragon Roost Island, looking for a job.Dragon Roost Island Room
Rito dragon deity who sits atop the volcano at Dragon Roost Island.Dragon Roost Island Room
The original Sage of Earth and the only Zora in the game.Dragon Roost Island Room
Pair of wind deities who teach Link the Wind's Requiem and the Ballad of Gales.Dragon Roost Island Room
Korok who is the Sage of Wind and plays the leaf-cello.Forest Haven Room
Korok who manages the potion shop in Forest Haven and can create dark-blue potion out of Boko Baba seeds.Forest Haven Room
Eight Koroks who depart from Forest Haven to plant trees on other islands.Forest Haven Room
Great tree who lives in Forest Haven.Forest Haven Room
Figurine-sculptor who apparently sculpts in his underwear.Forest Haven Room
Figurine-obsessed nerd who hangs out in the Figurine Gallery day and night.Forest Haven Room
The original Sage of Wind and the only Kokiri in the game.Forest Haven Room
Basic pig-like, lantern-and-scythe-carrying enemy first seen in the Forsaken Fortress.Dungeon Room
Big, butterfly-like enemy that lays little eyeball eggs when attacked.Dungeon Room
Heavy-armored knight who carries a huge sword and a Knight's Crest and must be attacked from behind or above.Dungeon Room
Big, red type of the answer to the previous question.Dungeon Room
Miniboss who Link fights multiple times and from whom gains the Skull Hammer.Dungeon Room
Skeleton enemy who carries a large mace and can re-assemble itself when knocked apart.Dungeon Room
Blue variety of a twirling magician-like enemy who calls other enemies to fight for it.Dungeon Room
Red version of the answer to the previous question.Dungeon Room
Large, squid-slash-octopus creature that creates a whirlpool for Link's boat in the Great Sea.Dungeon Room
Huge, bulbous plant-like enemy and boss of the Forbidden Woods.Dungeon Room
Large, Bongo-Bongo-ish boss of Tower of the Gods who is made up of two hands and a head.Dungeon Room
Big, problematic bird that first kidnaps Link's sister and is a miniboss later on in the game.Dungeon Room
Lantern-carrying, possessive ghostly enemy that dislikes sunlight.Dungeon Room
Fiery king of the answer to the previous question and boss of the Earth Temple.Dungeon Room
Giant worm enemy and boss of the Wind Temple.Dungeon Room
Incarnation of the final boss, in marionette form.Dungeon Room
The final boss and main antagonist.Dungeon Room
Basic torch-, stick- or machete-wielding enemy found on watchtowers in the Great Sea.Dungeon Room
Singing, monkey-like creatures armed with pitchforks that swarm Link.Dungeon Room
Source of potions and basic enemy that comes in red, green, yellow, or blue varieties.Dungeon Room
Thieving enemy found in many dungeons; one of the only enemies that has the same name in real life.Dungeon Room
Bat-like enemy found in many dungeons that comes in ice, fire, or plain varieties.Dungeon Room
Burning wormy enemy with formidable pincers.Dungeon Room
Flying, dive-bombing bird enemy found on high perches on various islands.Dungeon Room
Flying, three-eyed, helicopter-like enemy found mostly in the Forbidden Woods.Dungeon Room
Annoying plant enemy that attempts to chew and eat Link.Dungeon Room
Large, cockroach-like enemy and boss of Dragon Roost Caverns.Dungeon Room
Flying skull enemy that comes in red or blue varieties.Dungeon Room
Pink hand enemy that lives in a black hole and attempts to grab Link and deposit him at the beginning of a dungeon.Dungeon Room
Hopping, malicious floor statue with a pointy belt.Dungeon Room
Large version of the answer to the previous question.Dungeon Room
Screeching, undead corpse-like enemy that attempts to hug Link.Dungeon Room
Squid-slash-octopus-like enemy that spits rocks at Link at islands.Dungeon Room
Large, dive-bombing, helicopter-like enemies found in the Great Sea.Dungeon Room
Shark-like enemy found in the Great Sea.Dungeon Room
A strange little eyeball with thorns that hinders movement.Dungeon Room
Miss Pirate Princess and bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom.Great Sea Room
The answer to the previous question's pirate crew, made up of six pirates.Great Sea Room
Annoying 35-year-old wanna-be fairy man and his brother in pink and his accomplice in white.Great Sea Room
First answer to the previous question's brother in blue.Great Sea Room
Cartographer who charts new islands when Link discovers them.Great Sea Room
One of three Goron salesmen who appear on three different islands to sell Joy Pedestal decorations.Great Sea Room
Small man always seen looking out toward the sea through a telescope.Great Sea Room
Eccentric salesman who owns a convenient Shop Ship.Great Sea Room
Owner of both the cannon game and the squid game who always appears bored.Great Sea Room
Sailor who lives on Windfall Island and works at the Boating Course.Great Sea Room
Group of four partially naked deep-sea divers on a quest for Triumph Forks.Great Sea Room
Deity with four arms who gives Link occasional presents.Great Sea Room
Pirate leader's alter ego and princess of Hyrule.Great Sea Room
Main character and his boat.Great Sea Room
King with a very long name.Great Sea Room
Childlike deity found inside the big island of Mother and Child Isles.Great Sea Room

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