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Who is the hero of time?
What color clothing does he wear?
What kind of sword can defeat Ganondorf?
In Twilight Princess, what animal can Link become?
What was the first 3-D Zelda game?
What was the first game featuring Toon Link?
What enemy steals Link's shield?
What race's diet consists mostly of rocks?
In Ocarina of Time, who is Zelda's nursemaid?
In Minish Cap, what is Link's grandfather's name?
Where do the events of Majora's Mask take place?
Who accompanies Link on his only 'date'?
In Majora's Mask, who teaches Link the Song of Healing?
What was the second Zelda game released?
In Minish Cap, from whom do the goddesses rent houses?
In Majora's Mask, what does wearing Kamaro's Mask cause Link to do?
In Wind Waker, Ganon's tail must be attacked with what item?
In Twilight Princess, in what province is Link's birthplace located?
What deity represents the piece of the Triforce Link possesses?
Don Gero conducts an orchestra of what species of musicians?
In Wind Waker, how often does the Deku Tree shoot out seeds?
What is Marin?
In Wind Waker, what item is acquired in the Forbidden Woods?
In Twilight Princess, what objects must Link collect to revive a Light Spirit?
In Wind Waker, who gives Komali the Din's Pearl?
In Majora's Mask, what is the name of the band of Zoras Link joins?
In Ocarina of Time, Princess Ruto gives Link what object?
In Twilight Princess, how much does Agitha pay per Golden Bug?
In the beginning of Majora's Mask, for whom is Link searching?
Name one of Zelda's alter-egos.
Name one of the items used to defeat Bongo Bongo.
How many Triforce Shards must Link recover in Wind Waker? (write out the number, please)
On which chart are Triforce Charts and Shards recorded?
What race can be identified by their red eyes and purple hair?
Which chart makes a funny noise when it's closed?
What is the theory that explains how each game fits into Hyrule's general timeline called?
Who wrote the Ghost Ship Chart?
What are Kokiri always named after?
In Majora's Mask, what mask allows Link to march and play the Ocarina to make Cuccos grow up quickly?
How old is Tingle?
Name one person from whom Link has had a proposal of marriage.
In Phantom Hourglass, who is the final boss?
In Spirit Tracks, who is the final boss?
In Minish Cap, who is the final boss?
How are the Gamecube and Wii versions of Twilight Princess different?
To whom does Komali wish to give a flower?
In Phantom Hourglass, what's the largest fish Link can catch?
Who is the best sculptor in Hyrule?
Which Rito disappears after Medli is awakened as the Earth Sage?
In how many games has Link made an appearance?

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