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Can you name the House of Anubis Characters?

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The Chosen One?
His dad is in jail?
Jeromes sister?
Moves into Anubis House from Isis House
Parents are athletes?
Moves to Australia?
Headmaster of the School?
Has a twin sister?
Goes missing in season one?
Betrays Victor in season two?
Victors stuffed raven?
The Osirian?
Loves Egyptian Hieroglyphics
Gives her locket to Nina?
The Forgotten Ruler?
Fakes his death?
Maras dog in season three?
The False Keeper?
The Real Keeper?
Great Grandaughter of Robert Frobisher Smythe?
Quits her job in season two?
Talent is magic?
Anubis Housemother?
Fabians Godfather?
Female Demon in season three?
Goes to a music school?
Eddies arch-rival?
Replaced Mrs Andrews?
Was fired after accused of flirting with Mick?

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