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Thief, chess piece, children, dollhouse, guilt, reference to Edith Piaf, washed up on a beach, written by director, Escher stairway
Lava stream, split personality, giant spider, female fighter, ancient race
Unreliable narration, devil, revenge, surprise ending, cerebral palsy, death of wife
Jigsaw puzzle, control freak, newsreel spoof, directed by star, snow
Garden gnome, prankster, Princess Diana, Renoir painting, breaking the fourth wall
Mind control, classical music, milk, invented language, lesson not learned
Bathhouse, river, paper, parallel world, disembodied head
Forest, dagger, unfaithful wife, unreliable flashback, baby
Housekeeper, gown, newlywed, title spoken by character, Cornwall England, shipwreck
Transvestite, film within a film, wrestling, reference to Dracula, box office flop, drug addict
Dentist, widower, shark, handicapped, character name in title
Flooding, Watership Down, object falling from sky, Christ allegory, Halloween party
Dangling from a rooftop, martial arts, man inside suitcase, Stockholm Sweden, based on manga, teeth extraction
Computer hacker, allegory of the cave, reference to Alice in Wonderland, vomit, pill
Shower curtain ring, night driving, taxidermy, looking at one's self in mirror
Vietnam, table tennis, bus, chocolate, sole black character dies cliche
Sewing, bad guy, entomologist, waterwell, unhappy childhood
Nazi, hiding behind newspaper, father son relationship, beautiful woman, latin grammar, boat chase
Basketball, group therapy, Monopoly the board game, Native American, yawning
Black market, military occupation, chase, zither, cuckoo clock

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