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Forced Order
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Between one and three?
I have four names,i'm a girl,i'm not AC?
Mie and Villiam has such one in 0.c?
Between two and four?
Augusta has one in 6.c?
The name of your teacher?
Two boys in 3.c with the same name?
More than one girl has this name in 3.c?
It barks and does not like cats?
One more than nine
Between five and seven
This girls middlename is Fl√łystrup?
His name backwards is nahoJ?
Between four and six
His surname is Kragh?
The newest boy in the class?
Tobias B. has one in 9.c?
His littlebrother's name is Christoffer(1.c)?
Her littlebrothers name is Theodor(1.c)?
Rasmus has one in 1.a?
Backwards my surname is neseppeJ?
My parents names are Marie and Benjamin?
One more than six
a cat would like to catch this one?
My bigbrothers name is Sophus(6.c)
I sing every morning and i'm not human
The first and third letter in my name is A
One less than nine
K and B is in my First name
The one who is married to your father?
Ronny and this boy has the same surname?
One less than ten
I'm one of two and one of my names starts with Q?
Amalie has the same surname as this boy?
I don't have a middlename, and i'm not Mikkel?
One less than two?
Renliv is my surname backwards?
I have three names, and all starts with a vowel?
Between three and five

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