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Can you name the characters from The Phantom Tollbooth?

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A watchdog
An arrogant beetle
The ruler of Dictionopolis
The ruler of Digitopolis
A boy who grows down and lives in the Forest of Sight
Sisters imprisoned in the Castle in the Air
The Not-So-Wicked Which
The conductor of colors
A scientist who likes making noise
Grandson of the dreadful RAUW
Rules the Valley of Sound and loves silence
Lives in Digitopolis and has twelve faces
The police force of Dictionopolis
Lazy creatures who live in the Doldrums
An flying insect who has a way with words
The remainder of an average family (.58, to be exact)
He's as tall as can be and as short as can be
Advisor to King Azaz
Advisor to King Azaz
Advisor to King Azaz
Advisor to King Azaz
Advisor to King Azaz
The caretaker of Expectations - preoccupied with what could be and why
Bird of the Mountains of Ignorance who manipulates the words of others
Demon of the Mountains of Ignorance who preys upon travelers by assigning impossible tasks of busy work
Demon of the Mountains of Ignorance who speaks in half-truths and appears as a cross between a beaver and a kangaroo
Behemoth who hides in the Mountains of Ignorance in order to fit in - thinks it's unsafe to be different
The devious bureaucrat who serves as the time-wasting gatekeeper to the Castle in the Air

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