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QUIZ: Can you name the words that begin with A to Z than end in 'y'?

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A-Extreme pain
*B-Smart, for a Smurf
*C-Uncoordinated, for a Smurf
*D-Ethereal and wistful, for a Smurf
E-Extreme pleasure, an illicit drug
F-Full of elaborate language in a speech or poem
*G-Grumpy for a Smurf
*H-Strong for a Smurf or a bag
I-frozen and slippery or chilling, as in a glare
*J-funny, for a Smurf
K-a person who takes the fun out of everything
*L-Indolent and unproductive, for a Smurf
M-a remembrance of things past
*N-prying and inquisitive, for a Smurf
O-greasy and unctuous
P-a dough of flour, shortening and water
Q-slightly nauseous
R-elegant and luxurious, like a fancy hotel
*S-terrific, to a Smurf, like this quiz
T-a false, absurd or distorted representation
U-the state of being of one mind or purpose
V-excessive pride, for a Smurf
W-magic as practiced by Gargamel, Gandalf or Merlin
X-a form of electromagnetic radiation
Y-frothy or foamy, like rising bread and beer
Z-spicy or full of life

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