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Forced Order
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Kelly Clarkson '___ I ever Wanted'
New Kids on the Block 'You've Got It (The _____ Stuff)'
The Supremes '____ in the name of love'
Usher 'Pop your _____r' + Pink '___ing' + Plain White T's 'H___ (I Really Don't Like You)'
112 'Peaches ___ Cream'
Roxette '______ to Your Heart'
Foreigner 'Cold as ___'
Eminem 'My Name __'
AC/DC '____ in Black'
Chris Brown '____ You'
Guns N Roses '__ Michelle'
Everclear 'Her _____ New Skin'
Drake 'Brand ___'
Elvis Presley'Only Fools Rush __' + Collective Soul '____' + Queen 'We are the Champ___s'
Poison '_________ to Beleive In'
Chevelle '____ Thy Hand' + Bruce Springsteen 'Born in the U._.A.'
Miley Cyrus 'Party in the U.S._'
Good Charlotte '____ On'
LA Guns 'Ballad __ Jane'
Black Eyed Peas 'Meet __ Halfway'
John Denver 'Hold On _______'
Pearl Jam 'Even ____'
Far East Movement '____ a G6'
Madonna 'Like _ Virgin'
Rihanna '___d' + Soundgarden 'S____man'
David Cook 'A _____ Anthem'
Bob Segar 'Old Time Rock ___ Roll'
Monkees 'Daily _______'
Leona Lewis 'I ____ Be'
Michael Jackson 'Beat __'
Jay-Z 'For____ Young'
Rihanna 'Don't ____ the Music'
3 Doors Down 'Here Without __u'
Bryan Adams '(Everything I Do) _ Do it For You'
Guns N Roses '____ Cry
Cinderella 'Don't ____ Watcha Got (Till its Gone)'
Kevin Lyttle '____ Me On'
Kesha 'Take It ___'
Pink Floyd '___ Wall
Kanye West 'Flashing ______'
2Pac 'To Live ___ Die in LA'
Steelheart '___ Never Let You Go'
Blue October 'Inner ____'
Taylor Swift 'Back __ December'
Guns N Roses 'Welcome to ___ Jungle'
_______ 'More Than Words'
Scorpions 'You and _'
Cypress Hill '____ Superstar'
The Lonely Island 'Im On _ Boat'
Nas 'One ___'
T.I. 'Whatever You ____'
Jay-Z 'Can I Get _'
Saves the Day 'You ______'
Smashing Pumpkins 'With Every _____'
Black Eyed Peas 'Shut __'
M.I._ 'Paper Planes'
Ciara 'Ciara to the _____'
Snoop Dogg 'Gin ___ Juice'
Weezer 'Surf ___ America'
Korn 'Freak On _ Leash'
Green Day '_____'
The Lonely Island '____ a Boss'
50 Cent 'Just _ Little Bit'
Elton Johns '______ in the wind'
Hidden Song??

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