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wrong wordright wordthe word in a sentence
mistakyou are dumb if you cant find this mistake
guesedyou ******* correctly
threthere are ***** new students
dismisplease ******* him from class
acountdo you have an Xbox live *******
dilikei ******* him
vidiopeople play ***** games
scoollets go to ******
airpaneonly ********* fly
engonall cars have an ******
wrong wordright wordthe word in a sentence
spacshippeople go to the moon on a *********
presadetbarak obama is the ********* of the usa
frendyou may have a best ******
famlya tv show is called '****** Guy'
disloctepeople can ********* their bones
sityi live in the ****
Nitrous ocksideMakes cars go fast
Tai Kwon DoI am a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do
Fast and th FuriousThe name of a movie series
stileyou got *****

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