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PopulationFederal Subject
4,661,219Saint Petersburg
1,425,508Novosibirsk Oblast
1,311,252Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast
1,293,537Sverdlovsk Oblast
1,157,850Samara Oblast
1,134,016Omsk Oblast
1,105,289Republic of Tatarstan
1,077,174Chelyabinsk Oblast
1,068,267Rostov Oblast
1,042,437Republic of Bashkortosan
1,011,417Volgograd Oblast
1,.001,653Perm Krai
909,341Krasnoyarsk Krai
873,055Saratov Oblast
848,752Voronezh Oblast
702,879Samara Oblast
646,175Krasnodar Oblast
635,947Ulyanovsk Oblast
632,140Udmurt Republic
613,088Yaroslavl Oblast
600,749Altai Krai
594,701Primorsky Krai
593,604Irkutsk Oblast
583,072Khabarovsk Krai
549,870Kemerovo Oblast
549,361Orenburg Oblast
521,560Ryazan Oblast
518,025Penza Oblast
510,719Tyumen Oblast
509,870Republic of Tatarstan
506,114Lipetsk Oblast
504,501Astrakhan Oblast
487,838Tomsk Oblast
PopulationFederal Subject
484,754Kemorovo Oblast
481,216Tula Oblast
462,412Republic of Dagestan
457,578Kirov Oblast
440,621Chuvash Republic
431,721Ivanovo Oblast
431,526Bryansk Oblast
430,003Kaliningrad Oblast
418,545Chelyabinsk Oblast
412,442Kursk Oblast
408,903Tver Oblast
390,498Sverdlovsk Oblast
359,391Buryat Republic
356,051Arkhangelsk Oblast
354,867Stavropol Krai
345,515Kurgan Oblast
337,030Belgorod Oblast
336,137Murmansk Oblast
334,751Kaluga Oblast
333,310Oryoi Oblast
328,809Krasnodor Krai
325,137Smolensk Oblast
316,643Zabaykalskay Krai
315,954Vladimir Oblast
315,608Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
313,169Volgograd Oblast
311,869Vologda Oblast
304,866Republic of Mordovia
293,658Tambov Oblast
293,046Vologda Oblast
285,027Khanty Mansi Autonomous Okrug
281,947Rostov Oblast
281,035Khabarovsk Krai
278,750Kostroma Oblast
PopulationFederal Subject
274,974Kabardino Balker Republic
266,160Republic of Karelia
264,362Republic of Bashkortosan
261,334Nizhny Novogord Oblast
259,335Irkutsk Oblast
256,719Mari El Republic
250,953Orenburg Oblast
247,118Irkutsk Oblast
239,044Khanty Mansi Autonomous Okrug
232,079Krasnodar Krai
230,011Komi Republic
225,399Republic of Tartarstan
224,597Kemorovo Oblast
222,653Yaroslavl Oblast
222,592Rostov Oblast
219,221Amur Oblast
218,562Altai Krai
216,856Novgorod Oblast
215,898Belgorod Oblast
210,720Chechen Republic
210,642Sakha Republic
202,780Pskov Oblast
201,551Arkhangelsk Oblast
200,470Saratov Oblast
198,028Kamchatka Krai
194,551Chelyabinsk Oblast
193,984Saratov Oblast
193,964Krasnodor Krai
188,107Samara Oblast
186,153Sverdlovsk Oblast
180,953Moscow Oblast
175,085Sakhalin Oblast

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