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Nepal8,848 meters(29,035 feet)
China8,848 meters(29,035 feet)
Pakistan8,611 meters(28,251 feet)
India8,586 meters(28,169 feet)
Bhutan7,570 meters (24,836 feet)
Tajikistan7,495 meters (24,590 feet)
Afghanistan7,492 meters (24,580 feet)
Kyrgyzstan7,439 meters (24,406 feet)
Kazakhstan7,010 meters (22,999 feet)
Argentina6,960 meters(22,835 feet)
Chile6,893 meters(22,615 feet)
Peru6,768 meters(22,205 feet)
Bolivia6,542 meters (21,463 feet)
Ecuador6,267 meters (20,561 feet)
United States6,194 meters (20,322 feet)
Canada5,959 meters(19,551 feet)
Tanzania5,892 meters (19,331 feet)
Burma5,881 meters(19,295 feet)
Colombia5,700 meters(18,701 feet)
Russia5,642 meters(18,510 feet)
Mexico5,636 meters(18,491 feet)
Iran5,610 meters(18,406 feet)
Georgia5,201 meters(17,064 feet)
Kenya5,199 meters(17,057 feet)
Turkey5,137 meters(16,854 feet)
Democratic Republic of the Congo5,110 meters(16,765 feet)
Uganda5,110 meters(16,765 feet)
Venezuela4,981 meters(16,342 feet)
Indonesia4,884 meters(16,024 feet)
France4,810 meters(15,781 feet)
Italy4,810 meters(15,781 feet)
Uzbekistan4,643 meters(15,233 feet)
Switzerland4,634 meters(15,203 feet)
Ethiopia4,550 meters(14,928 feet)
Rwanda4,519 meters(14,826 feet)
Papua New Guinea4,509 meters(14,793 feet)
Azerbaijan4,485 meters(14,715 feet)
Mongolia4,374 meters(14,350 feet)
Guatemala4,220 meters(13,845 feet)
Morocco4,165 meters(13,665 feet)
Malaysia4,095 meters(13,435 feet)
Armenia4,090 meters(13,419 feet)
Cameroon4,040 meters(13,255 feet)
Costa Rica3,820 meters(12,533 feet)
Austria3,798 meters(12,461 feet)
Japan3,776 meters(12,388 feet)
New Zealand3,754 meters(12,316 feet)
Spain3,718 meters(12,198 feet)
Yemen3,666 meters(12,028 feet)
Iraq3,611 meters(11,847 feet)
Lesotho3,482 meters(11,424 feet)
Panama3,475 meters(11,401 feet)
South Africa3,450 meters(11,319 feet)
Chad3,445 meters(11,302 feet)
Sudan3,187 meters(10,456 feet)
Vietnam3,143 meters(10,312 feet)
Turkmenistan3,139 meters(10,299 feet)
Dominican Republic3,098 meters(10,164 feet)
Lebanon3,088 meters(10,131 feet)
Eritrea3,018 meters(9,902 feet)
Equatorial Guinea3,008 meters(9,869 feet)
Algeria3,003 meters(9,852 feet)
Malawi3,002 meters(9,849 feet)
Saudi Arabia3,000 meters(9,843 feet)
Brazil2,994 meters(9,823 feet)
Oman2,980 meters(9,777 feet)
East Timor2,963 meters(9,721 feet)
Germany2,962 meters(9,718 feet)
Philippines2,954 meters(9,692 feet)
Andorra2,942 meters(9,652 feet)
Bulgaria2,925 meters(9,596 feet)
Greece2,919 meters(9,577 feet)
Madagascar2,876 meters(9,436 feet)
Honduras2,870 meters(9,416 feet)
Slovenia2,864 meters(9,396 feet)
Cape Verde2,829 meters(9,281 feet)
Laos2,817 meters(9,242 feet)
Syria2,814 meters(9,232 feet)
Albania2,764 meters(9,068 feet)
Macedonia2,764 meters(9,068 feet)
Guyana2,750 meters(9,022 feet)
Australia2,745 meters(9,006 feet)
North Korea2,744 meters(9,003 feet)
El Salvador2,730 meters(8,957 feet)
Burundi2,684 meters(8,806 feet)
Haiti2,680 meters(8,793 feet)
Slovakia2,655 meters(8,711 feet)
Egypt2,629 meters(8,625 feet)
Angola2,620 meters(8,596 feet)
Namibia2,606 meters(8,550 feet)
Liechtenstein2,599 meters(8,527 feet)
Zimbabwe2,592 meters(8,504 feet)
Thailand2,565 meters(8,415 feet)
Romania2,544 meters(8,346 feet)
Montenegro2,534 meters(8,314 feet)
Sri Lanka2,524 meters(8,281 feet)
Poland2,499 meters(8,199 feet)
Somalia2,450 meters(8,038 feet)
Mozambique2,436 meters(7,992 feet)
Nigeria2,419 meters(7,936 feet)
Bosnia and Herzegovina2,386 meters(7,828 feet)
Comoros2,360 meters(7,743 feet)
Portugal2,351 meters(7,713 feet)
Solomon Islands2,335 meters(7,661 feet)
Zambia2,329 meters(7,641 feet)
Libya2,267 meters(7,438 feet)
Jamaica2,256 meters(7,402 feet)
Israel2,236 meters(7,336 feet)
Serbia2,169 meters(7,116 feet)
Iceland2,110 meters(6,923 feet)
Nicaragua2,107 meters(6,913 feet)
Sweden2,104 meters(6,903 feet)
Ukraine2,061 meters(6,762 feet)
Djibouti2,028 meters(6,654 feet)
Sao Tome and Principe2,024 meters(6,640 feet)
Niger2,022 meters(6,634 feet)
Cuba1,974 meters(6,476 feet)
Cyprus1,951 meters(6,401 feet)
South Korea1,950 meters(6,398 feet)
Sierra Leone1,948 meters(6,391 feet)
United Arab Emirates1,910 meters(6,266 feet)
Vanuatu1,877 meters(6,158 feet)
Swaziland1,862 meters(6,109 feet)
Samoa1,857 meters(6,093 feet)
Jordan1,854 meters(6,083 feet)
Brunei1,850 meters(6,070 feet)
Croatia1,831 meters(6,007 feet)
Cambodia1,810 meters(5,938 feet)
Cote d'Ivoire1,752 meters(5,748 feet)
Guinea1,752 meters(5,748 feet)
Czech Republic1,602 meters(5,256 feet)
Tunisia1,544 meters(5,066 feet)
Botswana1,491 meters(4,892 feet)
Dominica1,447 meters(4,747 feet)
Liberia1,440 meters(4,724 feet)
Central African Republic1,420 meters(4,659 feet)
United Kingdom1,344 meters(4,409 feet)
Fiji1,324 meters(4,344 feet)
Finland1,324 meters(4,344 feet)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines1,234 meters(4,049 feet)
Suriname1,230 meters(4,035 feet)
Saint Kitts and Nevis1,156 meters(3,793 feet)
Mali1,155 meters(3,789 feet)
Belize1,124 meters(3,688 feet)
Gabon1,070 meters(3,510 feet)
Bangladesh1,052 meters(3,451 feet)
Ireland1,038 meters(3,406 feet)
Tonga1,033 meters(3,389 feet)
Republic of the Congo1,020 meters(3,346 feet)
Hungary1,014 meters(3,327 feet)
Togo986 meters(3,235 feet)
Saint Lucia950 meters(3,117 feet)
Trinidad and Tobago940 meters(3,084 feet)
Mauritania915 meters(3,002 feet)
Seychelles905 meters(2,969 feet)
Ghana880 meters(2,887 feet)
Paraguay842 meters(2,762 feet)
Grenada840 meters(2,756 feet)
Mauritius828 meters(2,717 feet)
Micronesia791 meters(2,595 feet)
San Marino755 meters(2,477 feet)
Burkina Faso749 meters(2,457 feet)
Belgium694 meters(2,277 feet)
Benin658 meters(2,159 feet)
Senegal581 meters(1,906 feet)
Luxembourg560 meters(1,837 feet)
Uruguay514 meters(1,686 feet)
Moldova430 meters(1,411 feet)
Antigua and Barbuda402 meters(1,319 feet)
Belarus346 meters(1,135 feet)
Barbados336 meters(1,102 feet)
Netherlands322 meters(1,056 feet)
Estonia318 meters(1,043 feet)
Latvia312 meters(1,024 feet)
Kuwait 306 meters(1,004 feet)
Guinea-Bissau300 meters(984 feet)
Lithuania294 meters(965 feet)
Malta253 meters(830 feet)
Palau242 meters(794 feet)
Denmark171 meters(561 feet)
Singapore164 meters(538 feet)
Monaco161 meters(528 feet)
Bahrain122 meters(400 feet)
Qatar103 meters(338 feet)
Kiribati81 meters(266 feet)
Vatican City75 meters(246 feet)
Nauru71 meters(233 feet)
Bahamas63 meters(207 feet)
The Gambia53 meters(174 feet)
Marshall Islands10 meters(33 feet)
Tuvalu5 meters(16 feet)
Maldives2 meters(7 feet)

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