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Can you name the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

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ArticleGuarantees What?Examples of Violations of Article
IApartheid, Jim Crow Laws
IIJews and Arabs in Palestine, employment discrimination worldwide
IIIDeath Penalty
IVSudan, Mauritania
VPracticed in many countries worldwide including the USA
VIErasement of Serbs in Slovenia after the war
VIIUneven trials worldwide
VIIIExtraordinary Rendition
IXExtraordinary Rendition
XLubnan al Hussein case in Sudan
XIMock trials in North Korea, USSR, etc
XIICyberhacking in China
XIIIPass laws in apartheid South Africa
XIVMende Nazar case
XVErasement of Serbs during the War
ArticleGuarantees What?Examples of Violations of Article
XVIarranged marriages
XVIIWomen cannot own assets in some countries
XVIIIPolitical Repression in Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe,etc
XIXPolitical Repression in Uzbekistan,Zimbabwe,etc
XXAndizhan massacre
XXInon-whites forbidden from participation during apartheid
XXIIMedicare/Medicaid issues
XXIIIColombia labor issues
XXIVsweatshops in China and India
XXVEconomic, social and political issues in Africa and Asia
XXVIGirls cannot access school in Africa and Asia
XXVIITaliban cultural violations
XXVIIIPolitical and Social Climate which impedes these goals
XXIXViolations of many rights of this declaration
XXXMany countries interpret this declaration as attacking them

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