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Can you name the North America's 100 Highest Peaks?

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Country(subdivision where applicable)MountainElevation in m/ft
USA/Alaska6,194 m/20,320 FT
Canada/Yukon5,956 m/19.541 FT
Mexico/Puebla and Veracruz5,636 m/18,491 FT
USA/Alaska and Canada/Yukon5,489 m/18,008 FT
Mexico/Morelos and Puebla5.410 m/17,749 FT
USA/Alaska5,304 m/17,410 FT
Canada/Yukon5,260 m,17,257 FT
Mexico/Puebla5,230 m.17,159 FT
Canada/Yukon5,173 m/16,972 FT
USA/Alaska5,044 m/16,550 FT
Canada/Yukon5,020 m/16,470 FT
USA/Alaska4,996 m/16,390 FT
USA/Alaska4,949 m/16,237 FT
Canada/Yukon4,860 m/15,945 FT
Canada/Yukon4,812 m/15,787 FT
Canada/Yukon4,742 m/15,559 FT
Mexico/Mexico State4,690 m/15,387 FT
USA/Alaska and Canada/British Columbia4,671 m/15,325 FT
USA/Alaska and Canada/Yukon4,557 m/14,950 FT
USA/Alaska4,520 m/14,831 FT
Canada/Yukon4,506 m/14,783 FT
USA/Alaska4,442 m/14,573 FT
Mexico/Puebla and Tlaxcatl4,430 m/14,534 FT
USA/California4,421 m/14,505 FT
USA/Alaska and Canada/Yukon4,420 m/14,500 FT
USA/Alaska4,410 m/14,470 FT
USA/Colorado4,401 m/14,440 FT
USA/Colorado4,398 m/14,428 FT
USA/Colorado4,397 m/14,427 FT
USA/Washington4,394 m/14,417 FT
USA/California4,386 m/14,389 FT
Canada/Yukon4,380 m/14,370 FT
USA/Colorado4,379 m/14,368 FT
USA/Colorado4,374 m/14,351 FT
Country(subdivision where applicable)MountainElevation in m/ft
USA/Colorado4,365 m/14,321 FT
USA/Colorado 4,359 m/14,300 FT
USA/Colorado4,357 m/14,293 FT
USA/Colorado 4,352 m/14,279 FT
USA/Colorado4,352 m/14,278 FT
USA/Colorado4,351 m/14,276 FT
USA/Colorado4,348 m/14,265 FT
USA/Colorado4,346 m/14,259 FT
USA/Colorado4,344 m/14,252 FT
USA/California4,344 m/14,252 FT
USA/California4,343 m/14,248 FT
USA/Colorado4,329 m/14,204 FT
USA/Colorado4,329 m/14,202 FT
USA/California4,322 m/14,179 FT
USA/Colorado4,317 m/14,163 FT
USA/Alaska4,317 m/14,163 FT
USA/Colorado4,315 m/14,158 FT
USA/Colorado4,309 m/14,137 FT
USA/Colorado4,302 m/14,115 FT
USA/Colorado4,294 m/14,080 FT
USA/Alaska and Canada/Yukon4,289 m/14,070 FT
USA/Colorado4,285 m/14,058 FT
USA/Colorado4,2883 m/14,053 FT
USA/Colorado4,274 m/14,022 FT
USA/Colorado4,271 m/14,011 FT
Mexico/Jalisco4,270 m/14,009 FT
USA/Colorado4,266 m/13,996 FT
USA/California4,265 m/13,992 FT
USA/California4,262 m/13,985 FT
Canada/Yukon4,260 m/13,970 FT
USA/Colorado4,255 m/13,961 FT
USA/Colorado4,237 m,13,900 FT
Canada/Yukon4,228 m/13,871 FT
USA/Alaska4,225 m/13,860 FT
Country(subdivision where applicable)MountainElevation in m/ft
Guatemala4,220 m/13,845 FT
USA/Alaska4,220 m/13,845 FT
USA/California4,218 m/13,837 FT
USA/Alaska4,216 m/13,832 FT
USA/Colorado4,215 m/13,829 FT
USA/Colorado4,214 m/13,827 FT
USA/Wyoming4,209 m/13,809 FT
USA/California4,209 m/13,807 FT
Mexico/Veracruz4,200 m/13,780 FT
USA/Wyoming4,199 m/13,775 FT
USA/Alaska and Canada/Yukon4,194 m/13,760 FT
USA/California4,193 m/13,753 FT
USA/California4,190 m/13,747 FT
USA/Colorado4,173 m/13,690 FT
USA/Colorado4,173 m/13,690 FT
USA/Colorado4,169 m/13,676 FT
USA/California4,163 m/13,658 FT
USA/Colorado4,159 m/13,647 FT
USA/Colorado4,155 m/13,631 FT
USA/Colorado4,141 m/13,586 FT
USA/Colorado4,137 m/13,573 FT
USA/California4,135 m/13,565 FT
USA/Colorado4,132 m/13,558 FT
USA/Colorado4,125 m/13,535 FT
USA/Utah4,120 m/13,518 FT
USA/Colorado4,117 m/13,508 FT
USA/California4,115 m/13,500 FT
USA/Alaska4,095 m/13,435 FT
USA/Alaska4,091 m/13,421 FT
USA/Colorado4,083 m/13,387 FT
USA/Colorado4,081 m/13,389 FT
USA/Colorado4,076 m/13,373 FT

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