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Can you name the Human Rights granted by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights?

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ArticleRightExamples of Violations
IIIviolations of women's rights in Saudi Arabia
IVPatriot Act
Vhappens all the time
VIdeath penalty
VIIGuantanamo Bay
VIIIthis persists in Mauritania and Sudan
IXextraordinary rendition
Xtorture continues in many places
XIdebt slavery
XIIpass laws during apartheid
XIIIPatriot Act
XIVinequality in trials
XVex post facto laws enacted all the time
XVIIIreligious conflict between Hindus and Muslims in India and Pakistan
XXNazi propaganda of Jews
XXIviolation of this in many totalitarian regimes
XXIIChina forces people to join the Communist Party
XXIIIone-child policy in China
XXIVhuman trafficking
XXVtotalitarian regimes regulary forbid this
XXVIIdenial of rights to Polish people in Belarus
ArticleRightExamples of Violations
XXVIIIdoes not provide for anything
XXIXcontroversy in appointing leaders
XXXmeetings are considered ineffective
XXXIpeople are skeptical if they are
XXXIIdo they do anything
XXXIIIwild selection of people
XXXIVwild selection of people
XXXVuneven resources
XXXVIaccused of not being enough
XXXVIImay be not conveinent time
XXXVIIIdefine these times
XXXIXwild selection of members
XLany action
XLIhow closed are they?
XLIIreports are biased
XLIIIthis is being taken advantage of
XLIVare they being implemented
XLVdoes it withold inconvenient truth
XLVIChina suspects it is
XLVIIpeople accuse it of not being implemented
XLVIIIChina has not ratified it
XLIXChina has not ratified it
LUS Senate has declared 1-27 non self-executing
LImany revisions have been suggested
LIInot all states fulfill it
LIIIwhat about Arabic?

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