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Can you name the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

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ArticleFreedom GuaranteedExamples of Violations
Imajority is attained earlier in some places
IIICustody battles worldwide
IVfailure to use the convention
Vbad parents
VIdeath penalty for minors
VIIRoma children in Europe
VIIIdenial of identity
IXcustody battles worldwide
Xvisa issues, immigration issues
XIHuman trafficking
XIIovercontrolling parents
XIIIdenial of free expression worldwide
XIVDiscrimination based on religion, thought
XVViolent dispersion of peaceful protestors
XVIwarrantless surveillence
XVIIIabusive parents
XXhomeless uncared for children worldwide
XXIthe recent case from Russia
XXIIrepatriation issues
XXIIIviolations of this worldwide
XXIVmalnutriton, starvation
XXVinconsistent reporting
XXVIlack of economic livelihood worldwide
XXVIIpoverty, violence, crime
ArticleFreedom GuaranteedExamples of Violations
XXVIIIdenial of education worldwide
XXIXunfair/irrelevant curriculum
XXXsome states deny use of native languages
XXXIchild labor
XXXIIchild labor
XXXIIIviolence, crime, drug trafficking
XXXVhuman trafficking
XXXVIhuman, drug trafficking, torture, slavery
XXXVIItorture practiced on children worldwide
XXXVIIIviolations of children's rights worldwide
XXXIXMende Nazer's case
XLlack of conformity to international law
XLIUSA says it threatens national soverignty
XLIIpurpose of quiz
XLIIICommittee not effective
XLIVbiased and ineffectual
XLVUSA and Somalia have not signed this convention
XLVIUSA and Somalia have not signed
XLVIIUSA and Somalia have not signed
XLVIIIUSA and Somalia have not signed
XLIXUSA and Somalia have not signed
Lmany reservations and amendments have been filed
LImany reservations have been filed
LIIUSA and Somalia have not signed
LIIInot effective instrument
LIVnot translated into other languages

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