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Can you name the 100 Tallest Buildings in the World?

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United Arab Emirates818 m/2,716 FT
Taiwan508 m/1,667 FT
China492 m/1,614 FT
Malaysia452 m/1,483 FT
Malaysia452 m/1,483 FT
China450 m/1,476 FT
USA442 m/1,451 FT
China438 m/1,435 FT
China421 m/1,381 FT
Hong Kong, China415 m/1,362 FT
USA415 m/1,362 FT
China391 m/1,283 FT
China384 m/1,260 FT
USA381 m/1,250 FT
Hong Kong, China374 m/1,227 FT
Hong Kong,China367 m/1,205 FT
USA366 m/1,200 FT
United Arab Emirates363 m/1,191 FT
United Arab Emirates355 m/1,165 FT
Taiwan348 m/1,140 FT
USA346 m/1,136 FT
Hong Kong, China346 m/1,135 FT
USA344 m/1,127 FT
United Arab Emirates333 m/1,093 FT
China333 m/1,093 FT
China331 m/1,087 FT
North Korea330 m/1,083 FT
China330 m/1,083 FT
United Arab Emirates328 m/1,076 FT
Australia323 m/1,058 FT
United Arab Emirates321 m/1,053 FT
USA319 m/1,046 FT
Hong Kong, China319 m/1,046 FT
USA319 m/1,046 FT
USA317 m/1,039 FT
USA310 m/1,018 FT
Malaysia310 m/1,017 FT
United Arab Emirates309 m/1,014 FT
USA307 m/1,007 FT
United Arab Emirates306 m/1,004 FT
USA305 m/1,002 FT
Thailand304 m/997 FT
USA303 m/995 FT
USA302 m/992 FT
Saudi Arabia302 m/992 FT
Qatar300 m/984 FT
Kuwait300 m/984 FT
Hong Kong, China298 m/979 FT
Canada298 m/978 FT
China298 m/978 FT
Australia297 m/975 FT
USA297 m/975 FT
Japan296 m/971 FT
United Arab Emirates296 m/971 FT
USA293 m/961 FT
China292 m/957 FT
USA290 m/952 FT
USA289 m/947 FT
China288 m/945 FT
USA288 m/945 FT
USA285 m/937 FT
United Arab Emirates285 m/935 FT
China285 m/934 FT
China283 m/929 FT
Hong Kong, China283 m/929 FT
USA283 m/927 FT
USA281 m/921 FT
Singapore280 m/919 FT
Singapore280 m/919 FT
Singaproe280 m/919 FT
USA279 m/915 FT
China278 m/913 FT
China276 m/905 FT
Canada275 m/902 FT
USA275 m/901 FT
Russia274 m/900 FT
China273 m/896 FT
Hong Kong, China270 m/886 FT
Hong Kong, China270 m/886 FT
USA270 m/886 FT
China270 m/884 FT
China269 m/883 FT
China269 m/883 FT
United Arab Emirates269 m/883 FT
Russia268 m/881 FT
Saudi Arabia267 m/876 FT
USA265 m/871 FT
USA265 m/871 FT
USA265 m/871 FT
United Arab Emirates265 m/871 FT
United Arab Emirates265 m/871 FT
China265 m/871 FT
Australia265 m/869 FT
Russia264 m/866 FT
South Korea264 m/865 FT
USA262 m/861 FT
China262 m/'860 FT
USA262 m/859 FT
China262 m/859 FT
China262 m/859 FT

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