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Can you name the US states hidden in these sentences?

Updated Jul 30, 2014

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The key point of this linguistics lesson is, in summary, L and R are difficult for the Japanese ear to distinguish.
Have you ever wondered if Lori danced with John Stamos on 'Full House?'
Cherry Chapstick on a gal, as Katy Perry said, is a likable or lickable experience.
Please follow the protocol or a doctrine we all agree upon.
I forgot to fill in Oise, Seine, and Rhone on my quiz on French rivers.
When asked to jumble 'unkind,' I anagrammed it into 'nudnik' and 'dunkin' (as in donuts).
In the final, a 'BAM!' accompanied Emeril's plating of the last 'Iron Chef' dish.
The Abercrombie model puts moisturizing cream on tan abs after a day of basking in the sun.
Beware infidel; a war exists between believers and those who don't worship me.
When asked what her favorite Colin Farrell movie was, Lisa said 'A Home at the End of the World.'
When I asked Caroline for the time, she looked at her Casio watch.
Life is still difficult in the Balkans, as troubles since the breakup of Yugoslavia still persist.
One can eat a crane or a pelican, but a heron is always the tastiest.
In a Romeo and Juliet cage match, I pick Capulet over Montague.
It is a foregone conclusion that Sporcle is the best quiz site on the internet.
In our D&D game, will a mage or giant be needed to move the boulder?

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