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Short test
Brand name of a carbonated juice drink
Nothing; or the additive identity
Sound produced by lions
Military land force
A traditional or legendary story
Slender; very narrow
1/12 of a foot
The protruding part of the lower jaw
Going inside (of)
In actuality; having verifiable existence.
Second highest voice; or the viola clef
Where birds hold their eggs
Come to an end; cease
Makes a choice or decision
A Russian male emperor
(For string instruments): to be played with the bow.
A fossil fuel
Expression of grief, pity, or concern.
Pale grayish color
A prefix meaning below; beneath; under.
'The Road Not Taken,' for example
Large, flightless Australian birds
Not new; secondhand.
A current moving opposite the main current
Substances used to color materials
Annual awards event broadcast by ESPN
Prefix meaning 'fire'
Habitual repetition of something to be learned.
Long quiz

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