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EarthquakeCountry AffectedMagnitude
1960 Valdivia Earthquake9.5
1964 Alaska Earthquake9.2
2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake (and tsunami)9.1
2011 Tōhoku earthquake9.1
Kamchatka Earthquakes9.0
1868 Arica earthquake9.0
1833 Sumatra Earthquake8.8 - 9.2
2011 Sendai Earthquake8.5 - 9.0
1906 Ecuador-Colombia Earthquake8.8
2010 Chile Earthquake8.8
1700 Cascadia Earthquake8.7 - 9.2
1730 Valparaiso Earthquake8.7 - 9.0
Great Lisbon Earthquake8.7
1965 Rat Islands Earthquake8.7
EarthquakeCountry AffectedMagnitude
1950 Medog Earthquake8.6
1957 Andreanof Islands Earthquake8.6
2005 Sumatra Earthquake8.6
1868 Arica Earthquake8.5 - 9.0
1575 Valdivia Earthquake8.5
1687 Peru Earthquake8.5
1751 Concepción Earthquake8.5
1922 Vallenar Earthquake8.5
1938 Banda Sea Earthquake8.5
1963 Kuril Islands Earthquake8.5
1556 Shaanxi Earthquake8.0
526 Antioch Earthquake8.0
856 Damghan Earthquake7.9
1923 Great Kantō Earthquake7.9

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