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AchillesA seemingly small but actual mortal weakness
Julius CaesarA month
Ambrose BurnsideHair that has grown down the side of a face in front of the ears
Marie Curie, Pierre CurieUnit of radioactivity
Caesar CardiniA mixture of foods such as greens, anchovies, croutons, and grated cheese.
Anders DahlFlower
Adi DasslerShoe company
August HorchGerman car company; part of Volkswagen
Gustave EiffelLocated in Paris, France
Galileo GalileiUnit of acceleration
Sylvester GrahamOften used in S'mores
King Louis XIV of FranceUS state
John MontaguFood consisting of 2 or more slices of bread
John MarshallCountry in Oceania
William PittCity in Pennsylvania
Sam WaltonPublic corporation that runs a chain of discount department stores

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