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Forced Order
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QuoteMovieActor Movie Chain
 Danny Devito
 Danny Devito-Marion Cotillard
 Marion Cotillard-Leonardo DiCaprio
 Leonardo DiCaprio-Daniel Day Lewis
 Daniel Day Lewis-Paul Dano
 Paul Dano-Greg Kinnear
 Greg Kinnear-Jack Nicholson
 Jack Nicholson-Morgan Freeman
 Morgan Freeman-Heath Ledger
 Heath Ledger-Julia Stiles
 Julia Stiles-Julia Roberts
 Julia Roberts-Cameron Diaz
 Cameron Diaz-Eddie Murphy
 Eddie Murphy-Jada Pinkett Smith
 Jada Pinkett Smith-Ben Stiller
 Ben Stiller-Robert Downey Jr.
 Robert Downey Jr-Gwyneth Paltrow
 Gwyneth Paltrow-Geoffrey Rush
 Geoffrey Rush-Albert Brooks
 Albert Brooks-Michael Douglas
 Michael Douglas-Martin Sheen
 Martin Sheen-Mark Wahlberg
 Mark Wahlberg-Reese Witherspoon
QuoteMovieActor Movie Chain
 Reese Witherspoon-Ginnifer Goodwin
 Ginnifer Goodwin-Jennifer Aniston
 Jennifer Aniston-Owen Wilson
 Owen Wilson-Ben Affleck
 Ben Affleck-Kate Beckinsale
 Kate Beckinsale-Adam Sandler
 Adam Sandler-Kevin James
 Kevin James-Will Smith
 Will Smith-Tommy Lee Jones
 Tommy Lee Jones-David Cross
 David Cross-Jason Lee
 Jason Lee-Matt Damon
 Matt Damon-Brad Pitt
 Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie
 Angelina Jolie-James McAvoy
 James McAvoy-Forest Whitaker
 Forest Whitaker-James Gandolfini
 James Gandolfini-John Travolta
 John Travola-Amanda Bynes
 Amanda Bynes-Colin Firth
 Colin Firth-Embeth Davidtz
 Embeth Davidtz-Danny Devito

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