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Can you name the closest MLB team to these cities which don't have MLB teams?

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Boise, ID403 Miles
Des Moines, IA207 Miles
Grand Rapids, MI116 Miles
Albuquerque, NM329 Miles
Toledo, OH53 Miles
Indianapolis, IN113 Miles
Montreal, Canada251 Miles
Dover, DE55 Miles
Tallahassee, FL209 Miles
Portland, OR144 Miles
Austin, TX147 Miles
New Orleans, LA317 Miles
Youngstown, OH89 Miles
Omaha, NE171 Miles
Cancun, Mexico523 Miles
Oklahoma City, OK191 Miles
Salt Lake City, UT370 Miles
Blacksburg, VA218 Miles
Memphis, TN241 Miles
Sacramento, CA69 Miles
Charlotte, NC226 Miles
Syracuse, NY168 Miles
Las Vegas, NV222 Miles
Bismarck, ND382 Miles
Scranton, PA99 Miles
Columbus, OH100 Miles

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