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QUIZ: Can you name the movies that hit #1 in the box office from January 2000 to Sept. 1st 2005?

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Michael J. Fox*2000
Ice Cube2000
Ewan McGregor2000
Neve Campbell2000
Bruce Willis2000
Don Cheadle2000
Julia Roberts2000
Bruce Willis2000
Matthew McConaughey2000
Russell Crowe2000
D.B. Sweeney*2000
Tom Cruise2000
Nicholas Cage2000
Samuel L. Jackson2000
Jim Carrey2000
George Clooney2000
Anna Faris2000
Halle Berry2000
Harrison Ford2000
Eddie Murphy2000
Kevin Bacon2000
Jennifer Lopez2000
Kirsten Dunst2000
Keanu Reeves2000
Linda Blair**2000
Denzel Washington2000
Ben Stiller2000
Cameron Diaz2000
Jim Carrey2000
Mel Gibson2000
Tom Hanks2000-2001
Julia Stiles2001
Jennifer Lopez2001
Anthony Hopkins2001
Brad Pitt2001
Steven Seagal2001
Jennifer Love Hewitt20001
Antonio Banderas2001
Renee Zellweger2001
Sylvester Stallone2001
Brendan Fraser2001
Mike Myers*2001
Ben Affleck2001
John Travolta2001
Angelina Jolie2001
Paul Walker2001
Haley Joel Osment2001
Tobey Maguire*2001
Reese Witherspoon2001
Tea Leoni2001
Mark Wahlberg2001
Chris Tucker2001
Jason Biggs2001
Justin Long2001
Catherine Deneuve2001
Keanu Reeves2001
Michael Douglas2001
Denzel Washington2001
Johnny Depp2001
Kevin Spacey2001
Billy Crystal*2001
Daniel Radcliffe2001
George Clooney2001
Tom Cruise2001
Elijah Wood2001-2002
Josh Hartnett2002
Arnold Schwarzenegger2002
Denzel Washington2002
Mel Gibson2002
Guy Pearce2002
Ray Romano*2002
Wesley Snipes2002
Jodie Foster2002
Ben Affleck2002
The Rock2002
Tobey Maguire2002
Liam Neeson2002
Ben Affleck2002
Sarah Michelle Gellar2002
Daveigh Chase*2002
Adam Sandler2002
Will Smith2002
Michael J. Fox*2002
Mike Myers2002
Mel Gibson2002
Vin Diesel2002
Nia Vadarlos2002
Ice Cube2002
Reese Witherspoon2002
Anthony Hopkins2002
Naomi Watts2002
Johnny Knoxville2002
Tim Allen2002
Emma Watson2002
Pierce Brosnan2002
Ian McKellen2002-2003
Ashton Kutcher2003
Jerry O'Connell2003
Emma Caulfield2003
Colin Farrell2003
Kate Hudson2003
Ben Affleck2003
Luke Wilson2003
Jet Li2003
Steve Martin2003
Chris Rock2003
Colin Farrell2003
Adam Sandler2003
John Cusack2003
Hugh Jackman2003
Keanu Reeves2003
Jim Carrey2003
Albert Brooks*2003
Eric Bana2003
Drew Barrymoore2003
Arnold Schwarzenegger2003
Johnny Depp2003
Will Smith2003
Alexa Vega2003
Sean William Scott2003
Colin Farrell2003
Robert Englund2003
Ray Wise2003
Antonio Banderas2003
Kate Beckinsale2003
The Rock2003
Jack Black2003
Uma Thurman2003
Jessica Biel2003
Anna Faris2003
Keanu Reeves2003
Russell Crowe2003
Mike Myers2003
Eddie Murphy2003
Tom Cruise2003
Sean Bean2003-2004
Ben Stiller2004
Ashton Kutcher2004
Marques Houston2004
Ice Cube2004
Adam Sandler2004
James Caviezel2004
Sarah Polley2004
Freddie Prinze Jr2004
Ron Perlman2004
Uma Thurman2004
Denzel Washington2004
Lindsay Lohan2004
Hugh Jackman2004
Brad Pitt2004
Eddie Murphy*2004
Rupert Grint2004
Vince Vaughn2004
James Franco2004
Will Smith2004
Matt Damon2004
Sigourney Weaver2004
Jamie Foxx2004
Sanaa Lathan2004
Stellan Skarsgard2004
Jet Li2004
Milla Jovovich2004
Jude Law2004
Julianne Moore2004
Will Smith*2004
Sarah Michelle Gellar2004
Craig T. Nelson*2004
Nicholas Cage2004
Brad Pitt2004
Jim Carrey2004
Ben Stiller2004-2005
Samuel L. Jackson2005
Ice Cube 2005
Robert De Niro2005
Barry Watson2005
Will Smith2005
Tyler Perry2005
Vin Diesel2005
Ewan McGregor*2005
Naomi Watts2005
Ashton Kutcher2005
Clive Owen2005
Matthew McConaughey2005
Ryan Reynolds2005
Sean Penn2005
Martin Freeman2005
Orlando Bloom2005
Hayden Christensen2005
Ben Stiller*2005
Brad Pitt2005
Christian Bale2005
Tom Cruise2005
Jessica Alba2005
Johnny Depp2005
Owen Wilson2005
Sean William Scott2005
Mark Wahlberg2005
Steve Carell2005

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