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The trireme was created by the Spartans for military purposes
The main export in Greece was olives and olive oil
Democracy was first established in Athens
Humanism had emerged in the Roman communities
Horedotus, a greek historian, published his histories in mid 500 B.C.E
Hoplites were members of the lower class of the Greek society
Bisexuality was shunned upon in the Greek Society
The city-state Sparta depended heavily on the city-states around them
Pericles was an aristocratic leader which led Athens to fully participate in Democracy
The Dark age of Greece began after the destruction of Mycenaean palace-states
Hammurabi, the Amorite ruler of Babylon, conquered many city-states only in southern Mesopotamia
Although Mesopotamian society was generally monogamous a man had the choice of taking a second wife, only if the first did not provide him with any children
The ebb flow and successful and failed regimes in Egypt were linked to the cycle of the yearly flood
Until third millennium B.C.E the Sahara region had a relatively mild and wet climate
Mesopotamia was more self-sufficient then Egypt
The capital city of Egypt during the Middle and New Kingdoms was Harappa.
The only escape for people who could not handle taxation or compulsory service was flight into the dessert
The Egyptian Book of the Dead contained the histories of the previous ruling pharaoh’s.
The Indus River overflows once a year
The Mesopotamian civilization did not cover an area as large as the Indus Valley civilization
Greek tyrant Pisistratus was the first to codify and publish athenian law which called for very harsh punishments
Greek hoplites was the name of the group in which spartans conquered and feared their uprisal within the Spartan state
The greek Pithagreus was the father of philosophy (answered questions by answering same questions in return)
Alexander the Great's most prized possession was Bucephalus, his horse, which was killed by an elephant at the battle of Bucephalus
Only free adult males who had lived in Athens for a certain time benefited from democracy
Amidst the Punic Wars fought between Rome and Carthage, there was a piracy problem in which Romans shot each pirate that went by the Mediterranean
During Caesar's reign, the empire was split up and controlled by three people under the agreement of the 'Triumvirate'
Octavian, the first emperor of Rome, was the son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra
During the spread of Jesus' message, 400 soldiers (a Cohort) were sent by Romans to arrest Jesus
Within the Roman Republic (507- 31 BCE) the social structure was threatened by the conflict of orders between Patricians (elite class) and soldiers who held no power

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