Famous DC Characters

Can you name the Famous DC Characters?

The Dark Knight
Man of Steel
Amazon Princess
Scarlet Speedster
Emerald Ring
Sole Survivor of Mars
King of Atlantis
Bird of Eternity
Night Stalker
Sonic Siren
Emerald Archer
Lady of Light
Legend in the Ring
The World's Mightiest Mortal
Super Ally from Another Earth
Maid of Steel
The Dark Knightress
Information Central
Flaming Star
Frosty Heroine
Boy Wonder
Half Man, Half Robot
Mystic Protector of Order and Chaos
An Older Boy Wonder
The Alien from Tamaran
Electric Ace
Defender of Justice (Kate Spencer)
Fighting Evil since the 1920s
One Man Zoo
The Element Man
Violet Victory
Man in Steel
Feline Femme Fatale
Plant Princess
Joker's Girlfriend
Machine Made Villain
Frosty Shooter
Mistress of Magic
Marine Marauder
Insectoid Protector
The Nuclear Man
The Wall
Feline Scientist
Diabolical Sorceress
Butler to Batman
Criminal Mastermind
Killing Joke
Flying Fire Woman; Supposed to be a Villain against Firestorm
God of War
The Mightiest Mortal's Sister
The Terminator
Conqueror Ape
Man from the Future
The Reverse Flash
Winged Warrior
Mighty Mini-Scientist
Savior in the Dark
Evil Marvel
Fierce Fury from Apokolips
Lord of Apokolips
Deadly Beauty, Terrorist, and Assassin
Phantom Felon
The Man Who Commands the Night
The Power of Fear
Silent Samurai
The Older Speedy
Daughter of Darkness
Giant Guardian
Avenging Angel
Violent and A Balance of Force
Peaceful and A Balance of Force
Tough Green Lantern Trainer
Frosty Lord
Deadly Shooter
Formula For Destruction
Superman Opposite
Jason Blood
Batman's Childhood Friend
Wrathful Watcher
Nuclear Energy
Shapeshifting Titan
Amphibious Ace
Minor Man of Speed
Galactic Champion
Father of Demons
Reporter Jack Ryder
Big Head
America's Spirit; Leader of The Freedom Fighters
Has Holographic Wrist Projectors
A Doctor wanting to defeat Captain Marvel
Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt
The Backbreaker
Golden Gorilla
Blindfolded Vigilante
The Orange Lantern
Darkseid's Son
Stargirl's Father
Birds of Prey Villain; League of Assassins Woman
Wandering Spirit; JLA First
The Yellow Lantern
Spirit of Vengeance
Teen Titan that controls Earth; Betrayer
JSA Member; Married to Hourman
The Foreshadowing Titan
Flash Villain; Uses Reflective Objects
Has a Heart of Deadly Kryptonite
A Green-Skinned Reptilian Villain
Wonder Woman's Mother; Queen of Themyscira
The Black Lantern
Married to Liberty Belle; Fights for an Hour
From the 31st Century; Boyfriend of Dream Girl
A Blue-Headed Guardian of Oa
Mud Monster; Former Actor wishing Revenge against Batman
Magnetic Mayhem
Green Lantern Comedian; Likes Ice
Gallant Goblin; Shadowpact Member
Has A Deadly Mystical Diamond
Has Killed Superman; Unstoppable Killing Machine
A Regenerating Bounty Hunter
Controls Shadows; Twin Sister is Jade
A Zombie-Like Creature; Sinister Swampman
Kryptonian Criminal; Jailed by Jor-El
Superman's Loyal Canine
S.T.R.I.P.E.'s Daughter; Wields a Mystical Staff
Feeds off of other people's Energy Life Forms
Half-Brother of Aquaman; Underwater Wizard
Boy of Steel
A Brainless Ape communicating with The Brain
The intelligence of its Primate
An Immortal Neanderthal
Daring Detective; Tim Drake
Superman's Love Interest; Daily Planet Reporter
Granddaughter of Red Tornado; Manipulates the Winds
Martial Arts Master of the 31st Century
Master of Magnetism in the 31st Century:Co-Founder of the Legion of Superheroes
Electric Legionnaire;Co-Founder of the Legion of Superheroes
The Winged Legionnaire in the 31st Century
Telepath of the 31st Century; Co-Founder of Legion of Superheroes
12th Intellect Super Genius of the 31st Century
Half Man, Half Robot Man of Steel
Markovia Earth-Shaker
Willpower Entity of Green Lantern Corps
Third-Eye Slavemaster
Kate Kane; Knightress of Gotham City
Flash's Villain; Variety of Boomerangs
Created by Brother Eye, used by Maxwell Lord
Ruthless Maniac using Dreams and Visions to Manipulate People
Big, Bad, Shape-Changing Circus Performer
Monstrous Bat Creature
Master of Flute Melodies
Starfish Conqueror
Unseen Hero; Invisible Phantom
Short, Bird-Like Criminal Boss of Gotham City
Double-Sided Coin Criminal Boss of Gotham City
Intelligent Time-Traveling White Gorilla
Android created by T.O.Morrow; Crimson Whirlwind
Renee Montoya; Faceless Detective
Ra's Al Ghul's Daughter; League of Assassins Leader
Married to Big Barda; World's Greatest Escape Artist
Quic Kid gaining powers from Wally West
Creature made of Sand; Member of All-Star Squadron
League of Assassins Leader; Immortal using Lazarus Pits
Obsessed with Alice in Wonderland; creates mind-controlling hats
Insulated Battlesuit with a Flamethrower; Batman enemy
Psychiatrist; Dangerous Obsession with Batman
Older Aqualad; Controls Mystical Arts
Adopted Sister of Wonder Woman; Original Member of Teen Titans; First Wonder Girl
Harnesses the Powers of the Animal Kingdom
Black Adam's Love Interest; Human Goddess
Green Arrow's sidekick
Rubber Man who can morph his body into different shapes
Galactic Traveler/Watcher; Member of The New Gods
Twin Brother Obsidian; Protector of the Starheart
Jason Todd; Robin-Gone-Wrong
Stretchy Detective; Now a Ghost Detective
Photographer of the Daily Planet; Superman's Pal
Controls T-Spheres; Smartest Man on Earth
Prankster Pest; Flash Villain
Warrior of Skartaris
Protector of the Thunderbolt
Committed Commissioner; Friend of the Bat
Green Lantern Architect; Former U.S. Marine
Riddle-Making Villain of Gotham City
31st Century Close Friend of Superman; Similar to Superman but weakened by Lead
Deadly Explosives Expert; Suicide Squad Member
Master of An Evil Puppet; Criminal Genius
An Evil, Crime Lord Puppet
Climate-Controlling Criminal; Flash Villain
Russian Hero; Armor created by Kilowog
Member of The Shadowpact; Primate Sleuth
Famous Gunslinger from the Wild West
Professor of Fear in Gotham City
Cosmic Keeper; Evil-Counterpart is Anit-Monitor
Leader of Sinestro Corps; Ruler of Warworld
Fought during World War II; Leader of Easy Company
Daughter of Zeus; Amazon Princess
Killer Banshee; Voice creates a Death Wail
Wild Were-Cat; Son of Wildcat
Trickster from the 5th Dimension; Defeat by spelling name backwards
Green Lantern/White Lantern; First Ion
Ruler of Bialya; Powers of Persuasion; A.K.A. Insect Like Powers
Creates Explosions when in Contact with Other Objects; Member of The Freedom Fighters
Flies at Great Speeds and Controls the Winds; Member of The Freedom Fighters
Wears a Special Suit That Shrinks, Flies, and Fires Electrical 'Stingers'; Member of The Doom Patrol
Light-Based Powers; Member of The Freedom Fighters
Manipulates Fire and Strong Hand-to-Hand Combatant; Member of The Freedom Fighters
Can Change the Shape and Size of any Object; Member of The Freedom Fighters
Human and Insect Hybrid with Shiny Red Armor; Member of The Freedom Fighters
Ability to Grow or Shrink in Size; Native American from Superfriends
Two Different Women Who Fought in a Type of Snake Costume
The Snake Man
Superhuman Fighting Skills and Expert Marksman; Injustice Society; Female Tiger
Major Hawkman and Hakwgirl Villain;
Cold Manipulation and Generation; Injustice Society; Younger looking Mr. Freeze
Darkseid's Ally; Leader of the Female Furies
Leader of The New Gods
Assisstant and Sidekick to Booster Gold
Daughter of Black Lightning
Action Comics #1; Used a Whip and Magic Carpet
Daughter of Deathstroke; Teen Titans Member
Wizard who granted Captain Marvel and Black Adam Powers
Given powers by Captain Marvel
Aztec Primary God
Operative for the U.S. Government and Master of Disguise
Sir Justin, once part of King Arthur's Court, given powerful weapons by Merlin
Gunman Donned as a Cowboy who rides a Motorcycle
Sonic Vibration Manipulation
Time Traveler; Light Speed Flight
Carries an Indestructible Shield; Fighting Skills
The Red Lantern
Electricity and magnetism powers; Woman from Superman: The Animated Series and Batman: The Animated Series
Can Manipulate the Emotions of Anyone when looking them in the eyes
Fiery Red Mohawk, Orange Skin; and Superhuman Strength and Endurance
Batman Villain; Arkham Asylum: Living in Hell #1; Crime lord and is named for an aquatic mammal
Has a Mask that was burned into his face; Crime Lord; Batman Villain
Father of Cheshire; Married to Tigress and Is a Mercenary with Sports
Evil Sorceress; Queen of Evil; Mistress of the Dark Circle
Pyrokinesis; Like a Volcano; Appeared in Superman: The Animated Series
Living Tattoos coming from his Body; Green Lantern villain
Before Ice; Projects Snow and Ice; Bisexual Superheroine
Telepathy and Telekinesis; Not Yesterday Woman
Marks his Body with Tally Marks for Every Person he Kills; Batman Villain
Toy-Based Devices or Toy-Themed Gadgets to Destroy and kill; Batman Villain
Contortionist and Hypnotist; Batman villain; Member of Secret Six
Vandal Savage's Daughter; Member of Secret Six; Wrist-Mounted Blades
Uses Cat-themed Weapons; Superb Athlete; Member of Secret Six
Banshee-Like Scream; Ability to Sense Death; Member of Secret Six
Starfire's Evil Sister
Creates Sonic Waves From His Mind
Darkness Manipulation; Member of the Shadowpact; Woman
Gravity Girl; Insect Queen; Appearance in Superboy #10
Wife to Aquaman And Queen of Atlantis
Creates Ghostly Radioactive Form of His Body; Member of The Doom Patrol
Human Brain in a Superpowered Robot Body; Member of The Doom Patrol
Grow and Shrink Her Body or Body Part to any size; Member of The Doom Patrol
Leader of The Doom Patrol
Controls Bug-Like Alien Suit; Member of The Doom Patrol
Can Communicate with Animals
Former Member of the Champions of Angor; JLA #87; Magical Abilities; Not Gold Scorceress
Creates Brain Waves from Mind; Doom Patrol Member; Psychokinesis
Martial Artist; Justice League Unlimited TV Show
Abominable Android
Former Member of the Champions of Angor; Can shrink and grow Blue Wings
Generates various colored auras; Flight; Energy Blasts; Member of The Outsiders
Deadly Wizard; Villain wielding sorceress power
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