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Borneo: Voted on Alphabet-Base
Marquesas: Was Compared to Cleopatra
Nicaragua: Stole Flour in Rage
All-Stars: Last Mogo Mogo Member
Vanuatu: Had an Amputated Leg
Fiji: Voted off from hidden idol played by Yau
Micronesia: Last Man Standing
Redemption Island: Won Cake Reward/Immunity
Palau: Quit to Give Contestant a chance to stay
Pearl Islands: Voted off twice
Australia: Oldest Woman
Micronesia: Played Fake 'Stick' Immuntiy Idol
Amazon: Sharpened a Machete a lot
Africa: Voted for Lex before Merge Which Made Him Mad
Palau: Sprained their ankle
Borneo: Didn't Receive Family Video
Guatemala: Found First Ever Hidden Immunity idol
Cook Islands: Let the Chickens Loose on Accident
Thailand: Buried a Chicken After Tribe Killed It
Nicaragua: Quit along with Naonka
Panama: Found the Hidden Immunity Idol
Gabon: Won the Fire Making Immunity Challenge
Amazon: Blonde Removed Clothes For Peanut Butter/ Chocolate
All Stars: Got bit by a shark
China: Youngest male
Vanuatu: Cried During her Jury Speech
Heroes vs Villians: Gave Away 2 Hidden Immunity Idols to Save her Alliance
Micronesia: Removed from the Game Due to open Knee Wound
Tocantins: Came up with Exile Island Alliance
Pearl Islands: Won 3 Immunity Challenges in a Row
Redemption Island: Won First Individual Immunity
Fiji: Never had seen the 'Luxury' Camp
Samoa: Couldn't Swallow Smoothie
Heroes vs. Villians: Blindsided because he switched his vote
Palau: Only Person from their Team to Make Merge
Marquesas: Got Stung by a Sea Urchin
Guatemala: Voted Off Right After Tribe Swap
China: Voted Off While in Possesion of 2 Idols
Australia: Was under 100 pounds when Voted Off
Tocantins: Screamed in Pain as he lost the Immunity Challenge and was Voted Off
Gabon: Told Sugar she would only give her 1 Million Dollars for Anti-Depressant Pills
Nicaragua: Gave Immunity Idol to Player so he Could Stay Longer
Panama: Voted most Annoying of the Merged Tribe
Africa: Voted off after a tie with Lindsay
Borneo: Won The Ropes Course Reward Challenge
Thailand: Choked another player During Challenge
Australia: Enjoyed Talking about Sex
China: Left Buddhist Temple During Ceremony
Pearl Islands: Cut Dress To make a Man-Skirt
Samoa: Played Idol to Vote Kelly off
Micronesia: Convinced Another Player to give her The Immunity Necklace
All Stars: Quit because they were 'Violated and Humiliated'
Redemption Island: Won the Hanging Upside Down Immuntiy Challenge
Gabon: Proposed to Wife at Camp
Tocantins: Sick on the First Day
Fiji: Used Hidden Immunity Idol because Someone Hinted a Tie at Tribal Council
Micronesia: Blindesided, 2nd Jury member
Amazon: Deaf Person
Gautemala: Was Always Paranoid about his Alliance
Heroes vs Villains: Became 1st Person Ever in Survivor Histroy to Win Twice

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