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Dot Product of (6,1) and (-2,3)
Find Y intercept of y^2=x+4
Y is also known as
Pi to 3 places
The 6 trigonometric functions
I died in 2009
I lost 200 pounds eating at Subway
I am the current US president
I made a theorem about the sides of right triangles
I am Lambchop's puppeteer
Golden Gate Bridge
Statue of Liberty
Niagara Falls
Mount Rushmore
Great Salt Lake
I'm green and 1 eyed
'Just keep swimming'
My friends are Flounder and Sebastian
'To infinity...and beyond!!
'I just can't wait to be king!'
Can't read my __________
Next time baby I'll be __________
I's something __________ but in the end it's right
Lifestyles of the __________
Don't wanna be an __________

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