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Pokemon Games
In Pokemon Yellow, what level is the Pidgeotto that can be caught in Viridian Forest 
What color is a shiny Charizard? 
What new pokemon does Giovani have in Pokemon Yellow that he did not have in Pokemon Blue? 
In the video game series, how many different pokemon fossils are there? 
In Pokemon Stadium 2, what Pokemon does the player receive for defeating the Rival in Round 2? 
In Pokemon XD, what is the rare Pokemon at the rock Poke-Spot? 
In Pokemon Blue, what is the accuracy percentage of the move Tackle? 
In Pokemon Diamond, what is the news cast describing at the begining of the game? 
In Pokemon Leaf Green, what is the name of Gary's sister? 
In Pokemon Heart Gold, what Pokemon does Steven Stone ask for in exchange for a beldum? 
In Pokemon Battle Revolution, what move does the Secert Gift Pikachu know that it cannot normally learn? 
In Pokemon Blue, what move does TM 16 teach? 
In Pokemon Blue, the item in which bag slot are multiplied after battling Missingno? 
In Pokemon Stadium, what is the name of the mini-game that features Kakuna and Metapod? 
In Pokemon Stadium 2, what is the name of the City were the game takes place? 
Pokemon Anime
In the Anime, what is Gary's starting pokemon? 
In the Anime, what is the first Gym Badge that Ash actually wins? 
In the Anime, what Pokemon does Ash catch seventh? 
In the Anime, what Pokemon is Ash's Krabby fighting when it evolves? 
Who is the second to last pokemon mentioned in the full version of the Poke-Rap? 
In the Anime, what is the nickname of Ritchie's Charmeleon? 
In the Anime, what color is the ribbon that Butterfree wears when trying to attract the Pink Butterfree? 
In the Anime, what is the only Pokemon Misty currently owns that is not a water type Pokemon? 
In the Anime, how many different types of Pokemon has Brock owned? 
In the Anime, who originally owned Jessie's Wobbuffet? 
In the Anime, what Pokemon defeats Charizard eventually leading to him finally obeying Ash? 
In Pokemon Chronicles, what type does Brock's mother change the gym to in his absence? 
In the Anime, what color was to top on the marker that Jigglypuff used to draw on its sleeping victims? 
What is Professor Oak's first name? 
Pokemon General
How many Normal-type Pokemon are there? 
In Pokemon Sapphire, how many new Pokemon were introduced? 
Which non-legendary pokemon has the highest base speed stats? 
What is the only type that has not been combined with the Flying type to form a dual-type Pokemon? 
How many of the legendary Pokemon are psychic type Pokemon? 
How many completely different 3-Stage evolution Pokemon familes are there? 
Pokemon TCG
In the TCG, how much HP does the original Pidgeotto have? 
In the TCG, what is the only card type other than electric that a Pikachu has appeared on by itself? 
In the EX Ruby and Sapphire TCG set, what type is Swampert's weakness?  
Pokemon Manga
In the Electric Pikachu Boogaloo Manga, who beats Gary in the Indigo League? 
In The Electric Tale of Pikachu Manga, what is the first pokemon that Ash catches? 

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