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Can you remember who said each quote in LEGO Ninjago during the pilot season?

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Forced Order
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Over the planks, dodge the swords, here comes the dummy!
You ate an odd crustacean?
Lord Garmadon says take the girl.
More like mouth of lightning.
Yes, it was a joke. Ha ha.
Not so loud.
Oh so fail.
That's not fair!
I was testing my limits.
We're saving a girl? Is she hot?
That's another rock, you bonehead!
I'm dying to go down there!
There's no time to waste.
You better keep your mouth shut!
You're not looking hard enough!
You're not even ready to face my pinky toe.
The shurikens.
It's my favorite color.
Didn't look so solid to me.
I spy something white.
Don't worry, I'm right here brother.
Stay close, stay back, make up your mind!
But if done incorrectly, will it lead to disastrous consequences?
Your spinjitzu looks rusty.
You too have the gift?
I got it, I got it! Two natives on vacation.
Let's chop-socky this lemonade stand!
Selfish fool.
Are you insane?!
Way to go, spark plug.

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