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QUIZ: Can you name the signature moves of these NBA players and coaches?

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Sky Hook
Bank Shot
Finger Wag
Underhand Free Throw*
Elbow Pass
Dream Shake
Finger Roll
Stick Out Tongue
Fake Behind-The-Back Pass
Fadeaway Off One Leg
Breaking Backboards*
Stepback Elbow Jumper
Overhead Jumper From The Top Of The Key
No-Look Pass
Getting Posterized
Chase-Down Block
Tap-Out Rebound
Free-Throw Line Dunk*
Hitting Reverse Layups With Hangtime
Rebounding His Own Shot And Making It With The Opposite Hand
Fake Dunk Then Switch Hands And Lay It Up
Cradle Dunk
Missing Lots Of Clutch Free-Throws In The Playoffs
Windmill Dunk
One-Man Full-Court Press
Hitting Clutch 3-Pointers In The Playoffs
One-Handed Tomahawk
Clench Jaw
Shake 'n' Bake
Ugly Jump Shot That Goes In
Bending Really Low On Free Throws
Wrap The Ball Around Waist During Free Throws
Dribble On The Side During Free Throws
Whisper To Self During Free Throws
Shoot Free-Throws With Eyes Closed
Blow Kisses During Free Throws
Rub Cheek Before Free Throws
Shake Shoulder Before Free Throws
Changing Hair Color
Pulling The Chair
Walking The Dog
The Wiggle
Flap Arms
Pound Head Against The Padded Backboard Support
Block Shots After The Whistle
Hitting Insanely Deep 3-Pointers
Putting On Invisible Championship Belts
Standstill Pass Fakes
Hitting Alley-Oop 3-Pointers
Hitting 3-Point Layups
Not Living Up To The Hype
Gettting Injured

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